on a fine winter morning, I was fiddling with my mobile. I was enjoying the warm sun on my back. this dragonfly was romping on the grass around. I had a sudden urge to click this little being on my mobile cam. it was almost next to impossible, coz my cam is a VGA one and doesn’t support zoom. I waited or ten minutes absolutely still as a statue

the beauty sat on a plank of wood.I waited for it to settle down, lower is wings and started moving slooooowwwwwwwwwllllly.

Luckily I had enough time to point my camera and took the shot..blive it or not? I took the shot at a distance of just 5 cm from the little fella. Just as I had finished the perfect shot and was getting ready for another………..it gently flew away

I felt like on the top of the world for having shot my first pic of wildlife and that too at a mere distance of 5 cm from the subject. maybe i am exaggerating, but it is true that this small beauty had left me hungry for more………….till today I have shot many more pictures of animal around me. u shall read about them in upcoming posts

thank u very much

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