today was d first exam of my 4th semester. ANALOG ELECTRONICS was the subject for today. Till yesterday, i was advising others to b cool n CHAAPLESS. but today morning the renowned heatsink of my head blew off. my brain went into thermal runaway, and i shot out of balance. I didnt know what was happening but whatever it was it was dangerously wrong.It is this sort of occasions when I do something nonsense and regret about it later. Anyway, my best support, my mother, she gave me some cool talking and for some time my brain had returned back on track. Still i was imagining how would the exam unfold, all sorts of nightmares were occurring to me in broad daylight. Somehow i put myself together and headed off for the exam. Before going to exams some of my friends sent me good wishes, and I was wishing hard for those wishes to come true………………….

they really turned out to b true……believe it or not, for the first time there had been a fastest execution of my wish.god had somehow managed to hear my prayers. instead of submitting a blank paper I had answered 55 out of 70. That was much more than I had expected, to b precise “too” much more than expected. Right now I am feeling so happy that I can’t decide what to do.Till now i have been only thanking those who sent me those best wishes before the exams…..

thank u too reader……….

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a penny for your thoughts..

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