Finally exams r over. 2 eventful years of a four year journey comes to an end.

Looking back, it seems like day before yesterday I was in 1st year. I can exactly remember those “blue terror” days (we first-years used to run away from seniors dressed in their “BLUE” uniform),the unnoticed way of making new friends, making silly mistakes like ever before and learning how to laugh at myself, teasing friends and enemies, watching hearts join and break all around me…. and the biggest part of it…that is enjoying all of this. Fast life of college had made cobwebs arond me. I never had the time to look back.

But today without anything to do (till going to bangalore for training), I decided to venture into dark corridors of my mind with a flashlight.

It seems impossible to see anything beyond those cobwebs. But it has got its own worth.

For the  first time in these two years i am feeling emotional like never before. Almost want to cry out my hearts content.Now that we r called grown ups. Our well developed EGO wont let us cry in public….

thanks reader, u have allowed me enough…..

One thought on “life at the end of two years in college………..

  1. those dark corridors of yours do hv a lot to speak buddy…do alwyz venture into them, they will alyz make u happy of wt u posses… keep up the good work buddy!!

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