the last post of 2010 AD

So, tonight is the last night of 2010 A.D.  About 2 hrs to midnight and New Year!

As far as I remember this has been the most eventful year of my life. I got loads and loads of goodies without even asking for. Many, many, many thanks to god for making me so lucky. Readers might want to know what those are, but I would like to keep all of them (but one) a secret

That is, I found a very special friend. I fondly call her “sister”, and she calls me “bhaiya”.

I will surely remember this year all my life as a big turning point of my life. Well, New Year is still some time left and I am sure to enter New Year 2011 sleeping. As ever I haven’t made any New Year resolutions, but I have my priorities and targets set. This year I am sure to go through being a bit more composed and matured than before.  2010 has taught me a lot of things and I am sure to put them to use in the New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011 to all of us!!!

Wishing u all a very prosperous new year

may this be more eventful, than ever!!!



Today was my birthday. We had gone to mython for picnic with 40 people. There we landed up at a picnic spot overlooking the Damodar river in sparkling sunlight. After having our breakfast consisting of bread a banana and an egg, we went off on a walk to mython dam. it was a walk of about 3 km up and 3 km down. Anyway, after that we tried trekking the nearby hills. i climbed 3 hills successfully, but descended only 2 times successfully. Strange, isn’t it? How can one climb 3 times and descend 2 times successfully?

Actually I fell down the hill on my third attempt, and came skidding down on my chest. This last one was a steep one and had a landslide recently. That had made a way to climb up, but there were loose rocks all over. I climbed successfully, took snaps as well. While coming down my left foot slipped on a round rock which that sent me running down the hill slope uncontrollably. I could not stop running and I was accelerating down actually. Finally I made a choice to dive and jumped forward. Landed on my knees and hands first then my chest hit the ground and I skidded for another 5 metres before coming to a halt. My palms were bleeding and got scratches on my hands (so I am having a hard time to type this).I got up then n there and washed my hands in the river water and went to rejoin the party.

So, in short, sms had a great fall…..