I have just finished watching AUTOGRAPH, on my lappy. The copy I have is a prerelease copy of the film. The film is a superb masterpiece and the songs are a real compliment to the whole story. Although I personally feel that, the song ”fande poriya bagha kande re” could have been better, if the original score sung by  Abbasuddin Ahmed had been incorporated instead of the remix. the viewer gets lost into the plot of the film very easily. From the first moment till the point of “arun chatterjee” , the flashback scenes and the different shots of “aajker nayok” have been so beautifully interlaced that they feed the viewers suspense for the heart wrenching climax. The climax where “subho” reveals on the boat that the confession tape has been taken away long before, makes us wonder that somebody can be such a psychic cynical just for….

It is a must watch for all adults and adolescents, mind it! I didn’t mention children. I can guarantee that everyone will be able to relate to the film in at least one scene, unless somebody isn’t social at all

a penny for your thoughts..

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