Finally, I had a lonnnnnggg sleep last night.. After a hectic schedule of sessional, assignments and classes, finally I had a nice rest. Finally, I have some free time to myself.
And the best part of it is that, I don’t know what to do with it!!!

What a strange situation!??! all the time we are so busy, we yearn to get free time. we long for it.. after some time, we are so used to being busy, that we don’t know how to pass the time when we actually have it.
You know, we humans have forgotten how to relax. Nowadays, it is harder for a person to quietly recline on an armchair than to stare at computer screen, chatting with friends..

well, for now, I am trying to relax my body and mind.. my body is at rest, but my mind is busy thinking up material for my next blog post  🙂

One thought on “have free time, but I am trying to relax…

a penny for your thoughts..

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