Last night, as I was shuffling through my photo collection,I found a folder named “a little bit of wildlife”. But, unlike the name,the folder contains pictures of some members of the animal kingdom I have met ;-). Here I put up some of them. Hope u will like them.

"bee"-zee collecting pollens!
I bet u cant get this close without disturbing it!
on my knee..
beautiful. isnt it?
bad shot, still i got it!
Prey on target !!!
wow! monkeys drink fanta!!!
my two pet puppies!!!
the name is "PUTPUTU"
meow 2!

so, here u saw some pics from my collection. hope u liked them.. 😀

14 thoughts on “Bet u will like these!

    1. 😀 thanx for your comment and like! it means much to me.
      bdw, Putputu is a girl. she is very alert, and very serious.she rarely wags her tail, but her attentive looks will remind u of a resting tiger

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