5 thoughts on “Breakthrough…

  1. A superb pic buddy!! hey at that time Mom’s orders were indeed lucky for you to have clicked this!! Carry the good work buddy..u are doin great in this feild!! congratz!! fr me its a 5 star image!!

  2. Hello Somesh

    Firstly, Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog. You have a nice little blog here !

    Secondly, I am pretty new to blogging as well so wonder how usual my input would be to you.But if I have to give you any suggestion I would say the background color and the title sort of camouflage each other.

    And since I see that you are into photography you should look to get a theme which is designed for displaying photos. Just check out the themes section. If I am not wrong themes like Manifest etc are specially designed for displaying photos.

    Look to more interaction with you

    Have fun !

    1. u r welcome buddy!! and thanks for the suggestion. i am gonna change the theme soon!
      surely enough, it feels very nice to know another newbie! i shall visit u soon..
      till then enjoy blogging!! 😀

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