I joined the protests on the 3rd day,  around 10 in the morning. The scene at the college gate was an unusual one. Students (around 600 by strength), all were squatting at the college gate. Heads were bobbing up and down throughout, all shouting slogans against the college management. It was the most unusual sight in my college. (I should mention, our college management is a Draconian one. Fully dictatorial. Nobody ever dared saying a word against. So, this was the most unusual sight.)

I went in, sat down with others. Initially I was silent. It took me sometime to warm up to the atmosphere of protest, then I joined the chorus. It was a hot day. So some students took initiative and arranged for water bottles.Some took rounds at leading the SLOGAN-eering. Pent up anger of years had got a vent. It was nothing like I had done before, and being a part of such a huge protest felt awesome! After what felt like 1/2 an hour, I took a look at my phone for the time. It was 1 pm! 3 hours had passed by without any notice! My stomach gave a slight growl of hunger, and within minutes I was on my way for lunch.

I returned around a hour later. This time, this following scene gave me goose bumps.

There was a whole police team armed with bamboo sticks and tear gas guns. My heart was racing fast, feet went cold, sweat drops were pricking me in the neck..Uff.. I could have fainted. Right then something brought me back to my senses. A group of girls were sitting right next to the policeman with the gun. If they could shout fearlessly, what was holding me back?? –I call this, “Inspiration, staring u in the face!“– I took my place on the ground and joined the chorus again. 1/2 an hour later, the policemen did retreat and left us even more confident, our voices grew even louder! In between, when we were tired of “Slogan”-ering, we had short chats about our 4 years of our college. There were short rounds of  narration, anecdotes, laughter and fun. But everytime anybody from the college management was visible, we started shouting again.

Around 7 PM we broke up the assembly. Telling each other to meet at the same place next morning, we came back to our rooms.

A tiring day it was. Lying in my bed, there was a feeling of accomplishment, inspiration and lots of fun. Most importantly, I was felt braver than ever. 🙂

20 thoughts on “A day of protest at my college

    1. yup, you are absolutely right. bdw, I got some good news. Our college management has finally accepted our demands.
      The most amazing fact is that, now we are being supported by the local police, the very same who had come to chase us away that day 🙂 🙂

  1. That’s a very inspiring post. All of you must’ve been afraid but stood your ground (or sat it 🙂 in unity and in peaceful protest. I am so glad your demads were met. Just out of curiosity, what were they?

    1. 1. When we took admission, we were told that many hi-fi companies come to our collgege for campus interviews. we the final year students have just a few more months left, but only 20% has been placed, by only 2 companies.Tcs and Syntel.
      Other colleges of same stature in our vicinity have already got 80 % placement.

      2. Our Training and Placement cell is full of frauds. The staff never does anything at all. Just scolds students once in a while and most of the time they are absent from college. Officialy it is said that they are on visit to other companies, when reality is that they relax at their home.

      3. our college has been providing “FAKE” campussing every year for 4 years running. i.e. They hire some people to come over to our college for doing a mock campus interview session, and give away some fake offer letters. After completion of B.tech, when the placed students go to the address mentioned in the company letter, they find that the company doesnt exist at all.

      These are the main points we had raised. Finally, we have been assured by the SDO of Durgapur that, in case of any more callous attitude by college management, we may continue our agitation unhindered. He himself has extended full support to us and our demands. We are eternally grateful to him.

  2. They shouldn’t make these false placement promises. It would be better for them to actually teach the subject well. Surely they can pay some good teachers to teach students? I would suggest your money is better spent going to reputed companies and asking them to teach a small group each in their spare time. Pay them for their knowledge instead of these fraudsters for a degree.

    1. yeah u r right. But it is not a practical solution. Private colleges taking money for degrees, and private companies providing training for some amount of money, are quite same in the long run..

      1. True. It just makes me feel sad that these people take your money and then give nothing in return. What can you do with useless degrees that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on? Aren’t there any checks and balances re teacher qualifications, course material etc?

        1. yeah, there are some such rules and regulations. But those who are answerable to these problems, answer to no one. We cant make them answer. We students are helpless. At the worst, the management will just gobble up our money, close the college and go elsewhere. We students are always in the Lose-Lose situation

        2. u know, for the mediocres like me, living a life is a gamble of sorts.. Join a company. Unless it is a govt company, u can be fired at the whims of ur boss. U have nowhere to go with your liabilities. Go to school, after 12 years of ur life are wasted in schooling, colleges ask for huge donations or your education faces a dead end. there are so many such examples.. :-/

  3. Over here too, people lose their jobs often. The trick is not to give up. Keep trying for another job and believe me, it isn’t easy anywhere. There are incentives to update your skills. You sometimes don’t and sometimes do get your money’s worth. It seems to be the same all over the world. Wish you luck with your job search. I once read somewhere that before going for an interview you should actually write down why you think you would be suited to the job. It takes a long time to come up with something that sounds convincing to You. If you are convinced, you sound convincing during the interview.

    1. U hit an old doubt of mine. So, I got to tell u something. The person who said “before going for an interview you should actually write down why you think you would be suited to the job” must have been eligible for a lot of interviews, and was well-placed in the job market. Those who give such quotes are always well-placed.
      Me, being an “electronics and communication” engineer is supposed to go into a electronics firm. But such jobs require high marks and good skills.So, no use trying to get into them. Software companies take in the bulk of surplus engineer graduates, no matter what stream they may belong to. When we go to the inteview, we just know the name of the company and the post we are applying for. We dont have any idea about what the job requires.. But we are expected to say why are we applying for the job, and how can we handle the job. How the hell are fresh graduates supposed to know each and every job position in each company? Mostly, fresh graduates are starving to get a job. The interviewer knows the reality full well, yet this drama of “why are u fit for the post” has to be carried on for the sake of “professionalism“.. These seem like nonsense to me.

  4. Oh I’m sorry you feel that way, Somesh. In a way it is chicken and egg. The more experience you get, the better placed you are. But how do you get your foot in the door? Two things about what you said – not knowing anything about the company can be rectified by looking up the info. As for why you think you are suited to a job – it also depends to a small extent on what the general specs of that job are (not only company specific). Eventually, people employ someone they sense isn’t defeatist, is pleasant and believes in him/her self as capable of adding value to the company. That is what the interviewer looks for in your answers during the interview. They don’t expect you to know what exactly the job is about. Just, how good you feel about yourself and your ability to learn the job and deliver. Perhaps you should get a book on “how to get that job”. Also, the more interviews you appear for, the better you get at it. I understand it is tough on all new graduates and wish you good luck.

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