When you wake up hearing someone crying, you know something very bad has happened..  After sometime, when the bad news dawns on you. A strange feeling of helplessness chills you down from head to toe.

My pet dog “putputu” passed away last night. She was just over 2 years. For last 2 days she was just lying lazily. She did not eat anything.

Today around 5 morning, I heard my mother crying. It took me some time to realize the reason… she asked me to take a last look of my putputu. I couldn’t.. I didn’t.

Had I seen those lifeless eyes, it might have tarnished my memories of her. Instead I chose to keep her alive in my mind. I will always remember her beautiful eyes, silky black coat… and last but not the least, her whining.. Please pray, may god bless her soul..

thy name is "PUTPUTU"

9 thoughts on “When u wake up to hear someone crying..

      1. I miss mine too =( it will be a year April 30th… I’ve had her for 14 years. I’ve never met an animal with a more complex personality, I think about her every day. I’m getting a tattoo of her lmao I don’t care if people think I’m crazy I freakin love that dog! lol

        1. hmm.. mine was just a litle more than 2 years old. Just after birth, she was the weakest of her siblings, and used to be sick all the time. My mother used to bathe it and clean its wounds daily. Although she was a street dog, she became the dearest to me. She had the most amazing ways of… nvr mind. Everybody who saw her wondered, if she had the soul of a human. She died on a day, which we Hindus consider very auspicious. So I believe, she might be resting in heaven now..

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