Aaahh.. the world of film stars and celebs. Norms and rules don’t apply there. No, I am not talking about laws. I am talking about something else. Read on..

plunging neckline

For the average guy, on seeing a girl, eyes go to rest on the *chest*, then travels all over her figure, leaving the brain to fantasize itself. This equation is same for celebs and fans. Word goes like, “Fans like to see, and celebs like to show off”. It is a win-win game. Earlier, just bikini clad poses in films were more than enough to tickle the sensitive organ. But “men are always men“. It is hard to satisfy them. So came, off-screen poses in plunging necklines and waist-high slits, without any underwear and tagged “hot”, “bold” etc. O! I forgot to mention, “Wardrobe Malfunction!” That is another phrase doing its rounds in the media parlance, lobbying for its place in the Oxford dictionary. Impressionable public calls these things “Kewwl” (Cool), although by sense it means the same as its dictionary antonym. 🙂

Assuming you are an average person, if you are videotaped nude or in any suggestive pose and that is posted on the internet, all your friends and acquaintances have seen it. Can u step out in public? You might be thinking, “I would definitely step out of this life before I step out of my room”. But, being a chicken-heart, suicide isn’t my cup of tea. I might try to move to someplace new, where nobody knows me.. (Wow! I made a poem 😀 )

Nowadays, I hear of lot of girls complaining of molestation. Then I think of the celebs. Their clothes, those are always on the verge of falling or being blown off. Why the fuss? I mean, if they can go bare on huge screens before billions of popping eyeballs, why at all take the trouble of wearing such about-to-come-off clothes. One feels like telling “Leave them at home! why not show off your assets like you mean it.”.. Yet, they manage to live comfortably lavish public lives!

Any idea how do they do it?


6 thoughts on “pondering over Plunging necklines and Waist-high slits

  1. “publicity ” is d KEY WORD u know..dats al what they consider..infact i shd say dey assume.. they= the celebs.. highliting d fct dt its nt my prsnal view bt solely dpnds on d stars.. d celebs stres on d fact dt nudity can actualy make dm earn publicty

    1. Hmm. Thats quite true. I always notice, when once someone has earned publicity, has become famous enough, they dont need to follow the norms of the society. Instead, things done by them become hot trends today, and societal norms tomorrow! Sunny Leone poses with Bollywood stars, and those pics are sell like hot cakes. Whereas she should be rebuked for her dirty ways of life, and inspiring other little girls to join her league…
      Strange way of running the world.

  2. Hm..well said i fully agree wd you..someday you wd see celebs wearing skirts made out of leaves or a better option would be to go full y to waste money on those clothes keep it off and dat wd be much bolder and hot fashion statement..

    1. Being celeb should not mean one has the license for a free ride. It is our responsibility to differentiate between the right and wrong, not just follow them blindly. Thanx for ur thoughts dear!

  3. this blog was well written. Celebs want attention and need attention of course because that is how they make their living. I liked your observations which are thoughtful. I think that blogs are an opportunity to share your corner of the world to others who are interested to see it. That can be interesting to write and photograph. What are your hobbies?

    1. Thanx a lot for going through my blog! 😀 It is really appreciated!
      As for hobbies, I dont have any in particular. Most of the time I’m busy with my studies and exams and there is no special “hobby-time”. I just go on doing whatever I feel like doing in my daily routine. I am mostly lazy, so I spend my holidays indoors ( also coz I am super lousy at outdoor games 😛 ). I spend a lot of time on my laptop surfing the internet, exploring new softwares, their features, searching and inventing tweaks etc. Rest of the time I just eat and sleep.

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