Remember my post “My first Blogger award!“? It was in that same week that I got nominated for another. DrCristy of nominated me for the Sunshine award! You might ask why didn’t I do this post before. Well, I got a little story and a funny reason, if you care to listen. 🙂  Here goes..

Sunshine Award

Drcristy nominated me for this award saying “Santu is a student at a university in India and I just love his pictures.  They take me back to that great nation“. Instead of making me happy, that put me in a real fix. I was confused if she actually meant that, or if she was making a fool of me. Never even found the courage to ask her thinking she might take it otherwise. Then, Gabriel of also said “You’ve got a great blog, I love reading about India“. Now I was deeply curious. Unable to hold back my curiosity, I asked what was it about India in my blog that he could see but I could not? As far as I remember I never wrote anything about my country. I just go on blabbering about myself and stuff.  He then explained that writing about my life, writing about the music we compose, the food we prepare, the education we are receiving, is me writing about what’s it’s like living and growing up in India. Man, I never would have thought of that. It actually cleared my doubts!  I am thinking of tagging all my posts with “India” from now on 😉

Now, that I have been nominated I should go by the tradition. I have got to

    • Answer some questions about myself
    • Nominate some of my favorite bloggers
    • Let them now that they have been nominated
    • Share the love and link the person who nominated me

The questions are

  1. Love or Money?
    Obviously love! I cant live without it. I am not telling money is worthless, but it isn’t as worthy as love
  2. High salary or job satisfaction?
    mmmm…. Job satisfaction, I just need enough money to live comfortably, nothing lavish.
  3. Favorite Book?
    I am not an avid book reader, I dont have any particular favorite. I like all children story books! and comics too!
  4. Television character that you simply adore?
    There are so many! still, I wanna be POPEYE! each spinach and beat the blues out of Brutus!
  5. Favourite Music
    Any song, any language, it must not be too slow, neither too fast. My all time favorites are all songs composed by the legendary Rabindranath Tagore, Rabindra-Sangeet in our language. My current favorite is “Thank u allah” by Maher Zain.
  6. Favourite type of movie
    Animations! Cartoons! Sci-Fi! No romantics please! bdw, if is is an animated romance, then okay!

Now, here is the list of my nominees.

  1. SaltedLithium: He is the one who cleared up my doubt!
  2. Iwritetheblogs: I met on a WordPress forum page. Her pics and stories of adventures are great!
  3. gardenerat60: The name is clear enough, if you are a flower n garden fan, you will like this.
  4. Indrakatha: He is my best friend and is the one who introduced me to blogging! (Read “Why I blog“)
  5. Mala Teaha: Her photography skills are amazing!
  6. Just another wake-up call:  Her blog has a variety of topics, poems, pics.
  7. Jenny’s Serendipity: Well, she nominated me  for my first blogger award.

Thank you DrCristy! thanx a lot! 😀

Ops! I almost forgot to tell you, I got another reason to celebrate! I have got 50 WP followers now! Yayyyyyy! 😀 😀

29 thoughts on “My 2nd Blogger award!

  1. popeye! seriously??? haha…. i like popeye too and children’s fiction! got tons of it. (but i have kids to blame that on :)) the only bit where i differ is the romantic movies! absolutely adore them! anyway thanks for the award! this is my first one! so you’re going down in the history of just another wake up call …..

    1. Hey! U cant be serious and talking about cartoons at the same time 🙂 🙂 . After all cartoons are supposed to make us “un-serious” 😉 aren’t they? hehehe
      Bdw, blaming on the kids, that’s a clever trick. Works both ways, kids wont stop collecting, and u get plenty supply of the stuff u like! 😀

      What is in that “……”? I didnt get that part.

        1. Ohkay! It is strange that is is ur first one. U know, seeing ur posts I thought u might have got a couple of awards before! 🙂 nyway, U r welcome! keep posting! 😀

  2. Huh! Hard to say something! First of all, I don’t wanna be an unpolite one saying simple thanks but, in the other hand, I’m thanksfull of YOU, all those who read my posts and visualise my photos. And especially you, Som.
    So, thank you for nominating and, maybe you hadn’t no idea, in that day when you done it, I celebrate my 42nd year of my life. So, nothing in my life is for … nothing and I trully believe in it.
    In the “another” hand (;)) ) I’m a lover of Indian cuisine, life, colors, traditions, so on. I have great friends in that part of the world, being thanksfull to God for given them in my life. I learnt a lot from them and I still do it.

    1. belated Happy Birthday to u! 😀 I guess my delay in doing the post has paid dividends. Sometimes it seems so strange to think, how tightly inter-wined our lives are with each other, yet we all live so faaaaar away!

      U are welcome! 😀 many many happy returns of the day!

  3. Congratulations Somesh!. I know I am late, and could not catch up, due to my illness. I lost sight of so many mails, I missed this too.

    But it does not diminish the fun of receiving awards and congratulations!

    And a big thanks for adding me!. More on that soon.

    1. My pleasure! 🙂 U know the best thing about these awards is that u like somebody, u nominate that person! There is no judge for final decision on nominations like the Oscars. My friend Indrajit had got these things confused and after being nominated he was waiting for some sort of “final round” 😉 . Nyway, take care! It is too hot here..

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