My day started with the thought “What if I can’t write anything today in my exams, I don’t wanna fail in the last one…”. It was real scary.

By 10 I was at the exam hall. It was the usual scene; most were preparing cheat-papers and writing on benches with pencils etc. Few were talking about the extreme heat of the summer, laughing at some anecdotes and so on.  I was feeling as if I was in a slaughterhouse about to be killed. Cheating in exams that is something I had never done before. I didn’t expect that myself being able to do that without being caught. The question papers arrived 5 minutes earlier, it killed me on the first look just as I expected. There wasn’t a single question that I could have answered by myself, all were lengthy derivations and I hadn’t prepared them at all. Something else was playing at my fate today. Suddenly something like a heat wave rushed over me and I uttered “Hey Adra, Pass me the cheat”. I was surprised at my tone of voice. This was one of the strangest things I have ever done. Next 2 hours went like breeze! I deftly cheated throughout the paper. I completed the paper with 1 hour left. There was ample time left to throw away the cheats through the broken window behind me. Time became slow. I could not wait to submit my paper and break into the final celebration of my college life! After the exam I ran to the library to submit my last library book and it was done! I was free! We started writing on shirts in the library itself (on other days this would have earned us a good scolding, but not today). Friends and all, we had become a family. Today it was time to depart, time for the last get-together. It was time to get emotional, time to speak those unspoken words we had in our hearts for years. It was time to show off our pent-up sentiments and so on…. Here, u can see some pictures my friends taken by my friend Avinandan.

In front of our library


Afterwards, we decided to spend the night at Sudipta’s mess and visit Sudipta’s hometown tomorrow. I had to do some packing and stuff, so I came back home. An hour later me  Avinandan and Arijit we  3 joined the 3 others, Suvajit, Suvayan and Sudipta (remember the making of the song “college er sei dingulo“?). For dinner we went to restaurant named “PANCH-PHORON” (it is a Bengali spice).Enjoyed a hefty dinner, but it was already past 10 so, we were gonna have to walk the distance back. Luckily enough we got the last bus on the route. It was already running late, so we were at Sudipta’s mess in no time. I got to mention, in my B.Tech life of 4 years, I haven’t ever seen these buses going so fast! Avinandan was adamant about taking a his first sip of beer. Sadly enough, there were many who had planned to take the first sip tonight! as a result we could not find any good one. At last we found a bottle of Haywards 5000, it wasn’t chilled though. Arijit had bought a cold 2l Sprite. We decided that it should be mixed with the beer to lower its temperature. Avinandan was the first to take a sip. But he could not drink much. The rest of the bottle was finished by Arijit and Sudipta. Then we decided for game of cards. I am lousy player, so I was taking a little rest and the others were playing. Around 2 am everybody got tired and we came out of the room into the open air.

Now it is 2 3o am. Tonight, sitting outside by the side of a well, with a few of my friends under the open sky, counting the stars and yawning, we are reflecting on our life for the last 4 years. It was 8th August 2008, that we started this journey, the journey of 4 years of B.Tech. Looking back there are a lot of sweet and sour memories but most have been victims of my short-term memory. So I am keeping quiet, laughing at their anecdotes. In the meantime we can hear funny noises from the girls mess just beside the place we were sitting and we are wondering aloud what they are up to.. I am terribly sleepy, but trying to keep myself awake.

This is our last night together, A memory we shall cherish forever!

14 thoughts on “The final day of college life!

    1. Thanx for the comment! I agree with u this wasn’t as good as my last ones. I write best when I am very happy and excited.. But rt now, I am neck-deep in emotions, I could not have written better..

    1. What a coincidence!? Yeah I must have dropped it there… Wait a minute! what were u doing in the college at that time? Aren’t your exams over? I thought u were at your home.
      Bdw, Thanx for the visit! I was missing your activity on WordPress 🙂

      1. I went there to return my books. My exam was in the second half.
        During exam time I could not give time to blogging. But now m free. 😀

        1. Ohkay! I didnt know that. I thought we were the only ones whose exams were shifted to 13th. Nyway, Its good to have u back! Do check my recent posts, I’m sure u have missed some 🙂 coz I was blogging in between the exams! 😀

  1. likhechis valo…. Porte porte khub mon ta kharap lagchilo..akhno mante parina j posui chilo amader colg er last day…. stl mone hoe jano xam er por chhuti porech abr august e colg khulbe……

    1. জা বলেছিস.. সেদিন যখন সবাই জামায় লিখছিল তখন এক জায়গায় “We are graduates” দেখে ভীষণ মন খারাপ লাগছিল। মনে হচ্ছিল এই কদিন আগেই সব বন্ধুরা একসাথে হলাম, কিছুদিন এর মধেই জেন একটা পরিবার হয়ে গেছিলাম। সেদিন যেরম হটাত দেখা হয়েছিল, আজ সেরকোমি ছেরে যাওয়ার পালা… 😥

    1. There’s a saying in our engineering parlance that “Without Chotha, Enginneer is Bhota”. Meaning U aren’t an engineer if u haven’t cheated in your exams. All my friends are already quite adept at this, and they admit it quite casually. But for me, doing that in the last exam of the last semester for the first time.. that was a big deal 🙂

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