Over the years I have done a lot of stupid things, had a lot of stupid notions, told a lot of stupid things etc effectively making myself an object of ridicule. But I love sharing them with people for a laugh and I laugh all day!! 😀 I should say, there was a time when being ridiculed at wasn’t so funny with me. I used to be damned embarrassed should somebody bring them up. Then something happened to me.

Now I am much more of a sport. I make fun of myself when

The ambience starts getting bored!! Wow, it rhymes! 🙂  Here are some of my stupidities for u to laugh at..

  মুড়িঘণ্ট-তে মুড়ি কোথায় ? ( Muri ghonto te muri kothay ) –For them who aren’t Bengali I’ll explain. Ghonto is a kind of Bengali dish made from different kinds of vegetables. Muri has 2 different meanings, used in 2 different senses. One means puffed rice and the other one means fish-head. Here Muri Ghonto means a dish prepared with a Katla fish’s head. Delicious, u must try it! – I had never heard of this dish before (shame for a Bengali guy). My aunt had sent a tiffin box full of Muri Ghonto.  Quickly, I opened the box and within seconds I blurted  “Muri ghonto te muri kothay??” meaning where is the muri in muri ghonto??  I had mistaken the muri of muri ghonto for puffed rice.. 😛

Now let’s go back in time. It was the year of 2002. I had taken admission in a new school in Sixth Grade. 1st day in new school. I was in my line for the assembly. Standing and doing nothing I was getting bored. So, I started chatting with those standing near me. There was a girl named Satadipa, she was standing right opposite to me in the girls line. She was quite warm to me even though I was a stranger. About a minute into the conversation, suddenly she shut up like a computer and began to gesture me of something dangerous lurking around. I being a stupid curious began to look all around me for the danger. She hissed through her tight lips “Mrinal Sir!!”. I was even more curious! I had heard this Mrinal Sir was a teacher feared by all. So, I had a mental image of this man as someone tall, burly, bearded etc. towering over all the heads. Surprisingly, I could not see any head “towering over all”!  Unable to contain my curiosity, I blurted out loud “কোথায় মৃণাল স্যার?”, “where’s Mrinal sir?”. The next moment I had a vision of the floor and something fell with a loud thud on my back. Ow! I straightened up to see a medium-weight and short-height person asking me “Wanna know where is Mrinal sir?”. It was him. He was standing right before me but I was searching for him somewhere else! 😛

There was a guy in my class whom I could not stand. He was kinda mentally handicapped and I was his favourite subject! One day during the Tiffin period I had gone out to play. On returning I saw a lady telling something to that boy, it was common for guardians to visit kids during the recess time.. I was already angry. I went to her and complained to her to my heart’s content about him and she listened patiently. After she left the whole class burst into laughter! Another boy told me, she wasn’t his mother, she was our vice-principal! 😛

 When I was a li’l kid, I used to watch the idiot box awestruck. The ads were most attractive and I still remember them. A common phrase used in ads is “সাধারন ব্র্যান্ড-এর এই —–” implying that the ordinary brands of things have all the negative properties and so on. Each and every ad repeated this phrase so much that I formed this stupid notion that “সাধারন” or “Ordinary” was a brand in itself! Also I used to feel sorry for the “Ordinary brand” company coz all the other companies were targeting this single one! 😛

Did I manage to tickle your funny bone?

13 thoughts on “Stupidity Inc.

  1. it was more heart warming than funny. 🙂
    every child is innocent, and that makes them beautiful. its a very healthy state of mind to be able to enjoy one’s own innocence, silly things. i often have a good laugh at my own silly deeds too.

    1. Thank god u replied! All likes and no comments, it was making me think that putting up this post itself was the most stupid! 😀 😀
      Nyway, Thanx a lot!! I too believe that being able to laugh at one’s self is a great thing! and I am a little proud of that 😉 . U know, I am having doubts if the “Muri ghonto te muri kothay” will be intelligible to non-bengalis. 🙂

    1. I would love to know, but I haven’t seen or heard of her since 6 or 7 years. She was verrrry nice u know! Each and every parent had acknowledged that she cared of us like her own children.. I miss her

    1. Yeah it is! It is really very easy to make fun of urself when u realize that, making others smile and happy is the best thing that we can do. It is only our ego which causes all the problems.. Let go of it, U will be the happiest person ever born! 😀 I m trying 😉

  2. Very funny! The actually one was actually more apt than you gave it credit for. You were able to pick up at a young age that the concept of ordinary is nothing to strive for and in fact all the other “brands” make fun of it. With this in mind why do we all strive to be the same- or by definition ordinary? Sometimes I think we have this thing called life figured out better when we are kids..

    1. Sometimes we are just too lazy to do something big and let it be as it is. The other times when when we aren’t so lazy, we are shy of being ridiculed if we fail. Those who can overcome these two phases make it large! And making it large is ultimately synonymous with being highly egoistic, proud and arrogant..
      I too believe that kids can figure out life better us adults, coz their minds are transparent.. We are too arrogant to listen to them, our ego doesn’t permit.

  3. good one buddy. …..while reading the school part, i was feeling a bit nostalgic…….keep writing…..you are doing grt8…..

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