Friends ask me a lot, why I don’t watch anything other than cartoons and animations, why so? Here is the answer for anybody who cares to read..

I seldom watch any movie other than those made for kids. But when I do, it leaves super-permanent impressions on me. The last one I saw was Autograph and today it was Katakuti. In this movie, I found myself in Rony, an out of place character in this sickly twisted world, where nothing is straight. Being true to the saying “movies are the mirrors of our society”, these movies lay bare the darkest realities of life, and reality is damned confusing..

The more I see these movies the more I am reminded of a line I had read in some Bengali prose. A lady said, ভাষার সৃষ্টি হয়েছে মানুশের মনকে ঢাকা দিতে, Language was created to mask the mind. Truly enough, the more you mask your mind the better a person you are. Being transparent, I am the odd-one-out in this race.

The more I see these movies the more it seems, love is nothing but a device used to get something. Romantic partners love each other just to have a support on as-needed basis and satisfy their own false ego. They don’t love the person, they love to have somebody who is at the beck and call. I don’t know to what extent this is true, but this is my own perception.

The more I see these movies, I become more and more of a pessimist and skeptic. I find it hard to believe others. I find it hard to trust others. I am not that intelligent that I can perceive deception before being fooled.

Lastly what bothers me most is that, I feel the things shown may happen to me. I have already seen a few in my real life, and I have just heard about some others. Then the thought surfaces, it happens to some of my dear ones, then what shall I do? The mere thought chills my blood and Reality really hurts... Being bitten by a snake thrice doesn’t accustom you to the pain. It hurts like it did the first time, just the scream “MOMMYY!!!!!!” turns into a little “Ahh..”. Similarly, watching movie characters in pain doesn’t lessen the pain of watching them unfold in real life.

Animated movies are designed with kids in mind. They amuse us, take our mind off reality bites, and give us a break..  So why bother about extra pain when I can avoid it altogether. Better to laugh all the way to the grave because no one knows when and where the path ends. 🙂

Your thoughts please!

12 thoughts on “for those who question my taste in movies..

  1. Dude you think too much.. stop thinking.. Grab some popcorn and just Enjoy the Movie. Watch different types of movies. You know in all those 4 years of my B.Tech life what I have done most is watching movies… that counts literally THOUSANDS.
    And I can assure you movies are just a design drawn by Director…..his vision… his understanding of world… his Fantasy… and in some cases real life experience. And that includes Holly-Bolly-Tolly and all other Woods. So, Watch the movie… relax your mind and then go on to the next one…. !!! 🙂
    Hey you should check out this one…

    ……… My be i will send you a list of movies that will trigger different hormone glands in your brain… 😉

  2. hmm… at first,i too denied n amused ur thots…. bt,the day u forced me watch the 1st animated movie…damn boss… its really GOOD…. the objectives r shown in a lively way…n its lyk *amio fan hoe gelam*.. 😀 the thng is..the more u grow old..the more u miss ur childhood days… so,its the bst way 2 live ur moments in dese films… 🙂 🙂

  3. I am a cartoon lover as well. I watch cartoons for they teach me values, values of friendship, of love, of family.

    Cartoon characters are so well designed that they leave a deep impression in my mind. Some characters as meek as Cinderella and as heroic and valiant as He-man or Zorro are inspirations to me.

    Cartoons teaches us that in the end truth, love and good will tastes victory over malice, ill will and hatred. It makes my world a real heaven with happiness and hope pouring out of my mind.

    I wish everyone to watch cartoons. If all of us could instill even a half of the good habits and characteristics shown in the cartoon movies, the world would be a better place to live in.

  4. Movies are first and most important entertainment. What is the point of paying money to have someone try and teach you a lesson and make you feel like jumping off the nearest bridge! Entertain me first – sneak in a lesson if you must just don’t hit me over the head with it!

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