It has been a long time since my last post. I have no idea why I could never bring myself to tap-tapping away at the keyboard. Anyway, I’m back!

Not much has happened since I posted last. Days been regularly boring, doing nothing but eating sleeping and applying for jobs. A few days back we celebrated the Durga Puja, our biggest festival! It provided me a much needed break from this monotony. Believe it or not I got a date for an appointment for an interview just on the final day of the puja. and that info came by mail just the day before! I could not attend that 😦 The only positive thing which has occurred to me in recent times is that I finally got rid of my persistent cough-n-cold, which I had acquired at the onset of autumn! 🙂 That too at a time when winter has fully arrived! Tomorrow I am going to Koderma, (Jharkhand) with my friend Avinandan. This one is gonna be a job-search cum pleasure trip. An uncle of mine (quite handsome for his age) is the HSEO of LnT infrastructure at the upcoming DVC power plant at Koderma. He is responsible for maintenance of all sorts of safety of the whole plant. Funnily enough he calls himself and his whole team  “Licensed Bandits!“, since they can stop anybody doing any job in any stage for the reason of being unsafe 🙂 . Well, that’s all for now. I gotta go and pack for tomorrow. Good night! 🙂

PS: Anybody and everybody whose blogs I haven’t visited in this time gap,  SORRY! I shall try to make up to you people 🙂

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