Call me a grampa if you will, but I have my own set of reasons for going against popular opinion.

Reason 1: Ever locked yourself outside your apartment with the key inside? I have often felt the same way while using my brother’s tab. Just 5 months old and the touch screen is malfunctioning already. Pretty often it becomes inert to my touch and locks me out.

Reason 2. For using touchscreen, thin fingers are needed and mine are too big. On an average, to type one word I need to backspace twice. Other than that I end up calling the wrong people while browsing the phonebook.

Reason 3: Too complex.. Touch screen devices are so loaded with features that the menu feels like a huge maze. I don’t know about you people, but I need to consult the manual often to work on my brother’s tab. On the other hand my phone (with a keypad) is not as rich in features as a touchscreen one, but when I want to do something I can do it pretty quick because I know exactly which way to go through the menu.

Reason 4: Excessive sensitivity whenever I don’t want it. While browsing the internet, touchscreen picks up wrong clicks from my palm and other points it comes in contact with. Strangely, at the same time my fingertip is not good enough to tickle it. As a result I end up clicking on wrong and payable links spread all over the pages I visit, effectively compensating for the high speed of my internet.  To copy/paste links is another gigantic pain.

Reason 5: You can’t rough handle a touch screen device. It is too sophisticated for any adverse environment. On the other hand, my bar phone has already been through many drops and bounces and has taken a swim once. Still it is working fine!

Reason 6: Last but not least and my favourite reason! I can’t text on a touch device without looking, which I do pretty well on my phone with a nice keypad!

13 thoughts on “Why I hate Touch Screen..

  1. i like your posts, real life! devices are great but they have their limitations, and I get tired of the “they have an app for that” attitude sometimes. keep up the writing!

    1. I agree. Devices shouldn’t have to need *Apps* to fix something. It should be part of what you buy.

      These big IT corporations as I have pointed out use crappy updates to distract us from dirty politics to keep us busy being upset while they do dirty deals in the military/industrial complex. Warfare is no longer going to be physical but electronic.

  2. You just need to get more friendly with the touch screen technology. 🙂 I hope someday you would like it. A sincere post with sincere opinions, I liked it.

    1. I agree with you on this! With the advent of touchscreen all good features are being transferred to phones with no physical keypad. Still, I would vouch for devices with physical keypad always. They are undoubtedly far more durable an to me in particular, that means a lot 🙂 Thanx for the comment! 🙂 have a nice day

  3. I am convinced the reason why things are a maze now when it comes to electronics such as *YouTube* and Google Plus
    is because it is to make Corporate IT workers look busy and also to keep you distracted from dirty politics that are going on by the rich Democrats as Apple is mostly Liberals and they are the ones that pushed touch screens in the first place. Microsoft and others simply jumped on the bandwagon to cover up their own dirty politics

    They have huge donors and there is a list of top 10 rich cartels and they all have Democratic ties. There are tons more rich democratic cartels then there are Republicans. The Koch brothers are barely a sniff in the richest rich people of the world who have oversea accounts in several banks and own 1/3rd of the world.

    If you say anything negative about the government and point sources to back your claims chances are you’r comment will be scrubbed before it ever sees the light of day or edited so there is no references shown or you get *shadow banned* where it looks like your comment is there but if you log out you will find a missing post number as a clue that they fooked with you.

    Saying anything negative about the government is the same thing as bad mouthing Obama which you will soon see why. Saying anything bad about Obama is considered talking trash to our government.

  4. We WON’T fix this mess until we get rid of the two party system. Then and only then will we ever have a *legal* fighting chance that doesn’t go the route of an armed revolution. Armed revolutions should be a last resort to removing dictators from power when enough people agree that something needs to be done.

    The Boston Tea Party wasn’t just about the *tea tax* but about being represented fairly. The tea tax was simply the straw that broke the camels back as revolution has been blowing in for quite some time before the breaking point which sadly is what history focuses mostly on. Not what happened before that lead up.

  5. If you have an armed revolution and the people aren’t ready for it then it is only going to end in disaster and further create a military police state stronger then whatever was before.

    As I said in my first comment the reason these big corporations exist is they know they can get away with it and have special protection by the shadow government from the dirty politics played. We need people sick enough of it for something to be done.

    Right now people are still too content in their lifestyles to change. Perhaps enough drought in the West Cost burning it up will be the start of the *change* we need as much as I hate going this route we DO need a rough shaking to get our butts out of bed.

    If that fails then it’s time for the cold water trick.

    The 1993 Twin Towers truck bombing was the alarm clock that should’ve woken us up due to the FBI interview tapes that were leaked but instead we let the clock fall to the floor with a clunk.

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