Or maybe “are being“, who knows for certain?

I like noodles not because they are tasty but those are the only things I know how to cook 😉 .

Funny thing is that each time I prepare the same thing, it tastes  a little different. Sometimes a little soupy (or runny you might say), sometimes so dry that by the time it cools down the whole cooked mass takes the shape of a solid cake again.I am a bit clumsy. So each time I cook I read the instructions minutely before doing it (though there are only 6 or 7 lines).

Pack of lies!
Pack of lies!

One day while reading the pack, I noticed a line “NO ADDED MSG” in the ingredients. I thought “What the hell? Was this an ingredient of the Masala pack that comes with it?”. I prepared the noodles, the taste wasn’t any different. On Google-ing I found that MSG (called Mono Sodium Glutamate) is a common additive of noodles, also very obviously bad for health. Since then I started noticing such lines on all other products. Nowadays, all brands of potato chips packets have “No Trans-fats” line. Oil packets have “no unsaturated fatty acids” line, fruit juices have “no added preservatives” etc. The height happened when I saw an ad of a specific brand of paan-masala in which a lady was saying “Does not contain any tobacco!”. I was dumb-founded!

What the hell is going on? These announcements that their brand of products doesn’t have this and that, are no more than advertising gimmicks. Some are carefully crafted, and some are paper-thin. Ex. “No added preservatives” on fruit juice packs, that’s a see-through lie. If the “No trans-fat” was true then potato chips would have been ticked off the junk food list long ago. So, I think is useless to believe them, ‘coz we can’t tell by taste or by smell if those “no added” additives are still been added. Still on the slight chance that we do believe, it would mean that we have been consuming this poisonous stuff before for a pretty long time!

If we have been poisoned already, then what’s the use of having ambrosia other than to prolong our pain in death?

P.S. : the point of view of the lay-est layman

11 thoughts on “A funny way of telling “You were being poisoned”

  1. Those carefully worded marketing gimicks are even worse on foods sold here in the US. 😀 Sometimes I think its healthier to eat the package then what they put inside.

    1. Yeah! Great idea!
      But you know the big next invention should be plug-n-play livers which would help us digest grass. Those are the only things left on earth which aren’t poisoned! 😀

  2. Well, they say “No ADDED preservatives”… which could mean that it contains the preservatives that they always put in and that this pack doesn’t have anything more “ADDED” to it.

    BTW loved the title too… 😀
    Happy Blogging.

  3. we are living in a scary world my dear friend. have you seen the movie “the insider”? In that movie a cigarette company used to add drugs in their cigarettes to keep the smokers addicted.

    1. I haven’t seen that movie but this reminds me of something else. I have often heard of a tea seller who used to live around 3 decades ago in my locality. He used to mix something which used to make his tea addictive to all, finally he was caught.

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