I was talking with my father. One of his colleagues’ daughters had an interview in TCS. The interview went well, but in the end she was asked to be frank about her later ambition in life. She (being so-called inexperienced) blurted out that she would be leaving TCS after a few years to pursue MBA. An honest answer it was, but that sealed her chances of bagging the job.  After hearing this I had a little debate with my father. My father is of the opinion that when applying for a job interview one should pretend like he/she is dying to get the job and will be forever be sticking to the company/firm.  This  is the unwritten rule of clearing any job interview. Furthermore he says this is also applicable to any point in life where you need to get something. This isn’t the first time that I have heard this from him, neither he alone professes this view. Almost all persons I have come across employ this trick with ease. Those who are master at this are the most successful mangers, often have MBAs and some are hired by companies for millions/month.  They don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse while lying. Yet they are some of the most vocal ones while denouncing politicians/ other people alike when they are convicted in scams/shams. Once to be or not to beagain I would like to repeat the example of the young girl I mentioned in the first few lines. She wasn’t selected because she openly admitted her higher ambitions for life. On the other hand I have friends working in the company, who successfully passed this test of being “expert liars” and are already planning to resign from the company.  To me this means that companies/ HR people value lying expertise over the actual substance inside.  I can safely say this because I know the girl personally and she is the most diligent person I have ever known, a real jewel for any firm that might hire her, but that wasn’t valuable enough for the HR who interviewed her.   My open and only question to him is “do the people who pass your interviews stay in TCS forever? Then on what ground did you reject her?” .His own skills for filtering people are questionable and he finds it perfectly fit to fail a candidate just because she was being honest? What the hell?


Almost each day I find some other person lamenting over the current state of affairs in our country and the world, but they themselves resort to questionable means to achieve personal benefits. Everyone hates being back-stabbed, but does it to others every now and then… and so on. Seems like, Honesty isn’t the best policy anymore.





PS.. This post is not intended to hurt anyone whoever is working in TCS or any other company. I have just hate certain attitudes and this post is only against one of them.  


8 thoughts on “Honesty isn’t the best policy anymore… is it?

  1. Well…It was just an answer in that moment, in that place. It could be an entry there or not. Who knows? For every moment in our life there is a place and a specific time.

    1. well, it was indeed. I agree to this that there is a time and place for all things. I just don’t like the fact that people focus on such little lapses and she failed in her interview because she answered that answer wrong. Why didn’t interviewer care for all the satisfactory answers she had given? Was he there to hire liars then? that was my point

      1. Well, I guess there was a conjunction between what the manager wanted to hear and what the girl was able answer to. Different perceptions, I could say.
        Managers do not necessarily want to be lied but they better wanted this from the future employee: fidelity.
        In Romania is much more simple all: connections, connections and again connections for many of the future employees. 😀 For others, the selection criteria related to professional competence indeed.
        But I think, this rule is almost general valid everywhere.

  2. Recently, I discussed with one of my friends that why should I to lie to get a job? Why can’t I be completely honest and my honesty is valued? I attended several grooming classes as a part of my pre-placement training and found tutors emphasizing upon the fact that we are not people but products, and we have to sell ourselves. So, persuade as much as you can, disguise your weaknesses and so on. I don’t know if it’s easy for others or not but very difficult job on my part. My opinions were overruled in the discussion by my friend that it’s the way.. this has to be done. You cannot change the mindset of the recruiters. Well, I very well know that but still I feel there’s a need to amend recruiter’s mindset. I am satisfied up to some extent seeing someone other than me also feeling the same. 🙂

    1. 🙂 so I am glad too! What you are facing is a dilemma I faced while in college too, not that I am free from it now, but as I am chasing Govt job dream so I am almost beyond the ambit of this rule for now. We didn’t have grooming classes, but I remember our HR sir telling all the time “you are all products, each of you must know how to sell yourself”. It filled me with a feeling of disgust, more because none agreed with me on this subject.

      With all this talk of selling and being sold, no wonder the female figure is viewed as an object of desire instead of being nature’s life-giving deity.

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