In Hindi —
Jab koi bole ye rattan pehen lo, toh sab usko gaalian dete hain ye kehke ki andh-vishwas hai.
Par TV pe jab deo ka ad ata hai, usme deo lag ate hi ladkiyaan ake chipak jaati hain, tab koi nehi kehta ke ye bhi andh vishwas hai. Khusi khusi use sach maanke deo kharid bhi lete hain.
English— When a faith-healer says something like “wear this gemstone, this will be hugely beneficial for you”, people often scoff saying it is superstition, blind-faith and so on, coz it cannot be explained by known Science.
But those same people gawk at deo ads where girls stick to and lick a guy after he sprays the gas can, although this too can’t be explained by known science. This time instead of scoffing, they happily buy off those gas cans.  See the double standard?!  Read on if you are interested anymore…
somewhat like this..

 Tomorrow I have my IBPS PO exam, but being unable to focus my mind in my books have been playing guitar since morning. All of a sudden I heard my mom watching a TV programme. It is a live talk show in which a guru who has a gift of one of our deity, and is also an accomplished astrologer. In short he is a very powerful psychic. So it is said on the TV ads. But, with the recent arrest of self-styled godman Asaraam Bapu on criminal charges, people have all of a sudden grown very much suspicious of all the spiritual people, which is very normal.

The methods of faith-healers aren’t explicable by known sciences because they work on psychological and spiritual levels (so I am told). This is the logic professed by a part of the population with a so-called scientific mindset. Some days back I also read somewhere that there is a law in the making which bans all such faith-healers for the reason that they promote blind-faith and superstitions. Typically those people, most in their youth believe things they can see with their own eyes. Some of them don’t even believe in the Almighty, coz he/she is invisible to the naked eye. Everything they see they try to analyse along lines of proven Science, which is a good thing. They would agree with me that being scientific means to weigh everything on the same scale, measure everything by the same rules and so on. But to my dismay these same people practice a horrible double standard!  Like I said they believe TV ads very much blindly. They think smoking and drinking alcohol makes them manlier, which actually damages their kidneys and kills them from inside. Using deos makes them ir-resistively attractive to the opposite sex. Using fairness creams make them more handsome. Height of all, just being fairer increases confidence, also enables you to win everything from beauty pageants to dancing and singing competitions. And so on..  and these guys cry against spiritual gurus even without knowing if they are fake at all or not.

Now, if you care for more, here are a few more lines with my opinion. I think of myself as a scientific being. I don’t believe anything without proof. I wear two gemstomes on my right hand fingers, because I have seen these things work when implemented properly. Neither do I believe all spiritual gurus without a trial nor do I rush to the market to buy of perfumed gas-cans and scented creams. My opinion is that if we are truly scientific, then let us be that fully. Let’s throw away all double standards and weigh each thing we see by the results they yield, instead of dismissing them as unscientific just coz they can’t be explained. There are still a lot of things yet to be explained by science. Our very own Ayurveda’s concepts are based on the principle that our bodies are made of the five elements (panchabhuta), which can’t be explained by modern science. But I have personally seen Ayurveda yield the best results for some diseases termed incurable by Allopathic doctors. I am not telling you to believe in all spiritual gurus or faith-healers, coz there are many phonies indeed. All I ask of you people is not to blindly believe anyone.  See it for yourself; test each thing before making a decision. That way you will be able to filter all the phonies from the good and reap the benefits. May god bless us all!

a penny for your thoughts..

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