(a guest post by my college friend Sudipta Maji (méjo) summing up his experiences of this year, definitely worth a read! Usually someone who has been through so much in a little time is usually expected to be changed from head to toe, but not this guy. He has literally filtered all the good stuff from all the situations he has been through and yet has retained himself as the Méjo we always knew. He is  a real gem of a guy, one in millions!  I am proud to have him as my friend.  Here goes…)


1. I got someone as my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Thank you Susanta Da.
2. I got some friends I will never forget. Thank you Prashant, Sandhya, Somya, Nandu.
3. I got someone as my Idol. Respect to Sri Guru Sir.
4. I got the respect as SIR from around 400 students.


1. 14/01/2013 – I missed Makar Sankranti at Suruliar Ghat.
2. 27/01/2013 – I missed Ramharipur RKM Utsav.
3. 10/02/2013 – I missed GATE Exam.
4. 15/02/2013 – I missed Saraswati Puja.
5. 27/03/2013 – I missed Beliatore Mela.
6. 31/03/2013 – I missed WB Primary TET Exam.
7. 15/04/2013 – I missed ‘Mayer Hater Machh-Bhat’ in Subho Nababarsha.
8. 20/05/2013 – I missed Nutangram Mela(24 Prahar).
9. 23/05/2013 – I missed Nirisha Shiver Gajon.
10. 12/07/2013 – I missed Beliatore Gajon.
11. 17/09/2013 – I missed Viswakarma Puja and Mansa Puja.
12. 11/10/2013 – I missed Durga Puja.
13. 18/10/2013 – I missed Laxmi Puja.
14. 25/12/2013 – I missed Picnic.
15. I am missing my favourite serial CID since 1 year.


1. 02/01/2013 – I have started my journey to Bangalore in search of a new life.
2. 18/01/2013 – I have started my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
3. 26/03/2013 – I have played HOLI in a different place with different persons after a few years.
4. 04/05/2013 – The worst deed in my life I have done.
5. 05/05/2013 – I got hurt most in my life.
6. 10/06/2013 – I got hurt for second time and I realized that he has no fear of losing anything who has nothing.
7. 25/07/2013 – I have completed my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
8. 10/08/2013 – I have started my work in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
9. 26/10/2013 – I have experienced 60 hours train journey (26.10.2013 6 AM to 28.10.2013 6 PM).
10. 02/11/2013 – I have completed 5,000 hours Internet Browsing through my phone since 2010.


1. I have learnt to speak English and Hindi fluently after coming here.
2. I have learnt to speak with each and every person whoever he/she is.
3. I have learnt to speak with girls without any hesitation.
4. I have learnt to take a bath in early morning.
5. I have learnt to take challenge in my own interest.
6. I realized that a girl may be a friend without being a girlfriend.
7. I realized that sometimes telling a lie is more important than a truth.
8. I realized why people forget to eat, drink and sleep for someone.
9. I realized that feelings can’t be explained in words, it can only be felt.
10. I realized that my feelings change from person to person with time.
11. I realized that the happiness present in a true statement is not present in a lie.
12. I understood that Sunday is also a working day for us (LC).
13. I have made Sambar, Rasam, Idly, Dosa as my life partner.
14. I have made my habit to spend more than 12 hours in a day in front of computer.
15. I have made my habit to appear in exams any time even without preparations.


1. Till now I am unplaced, don’t know will I get a job or not.
2. Till now I am single and waiting for someone special.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned informations are correct as per my knowledge. And I also declare that this post is nothing but my realizations and I don’t want to hurt anyone by my post. If I have hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly I am sorry for that from the core of my heart.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudipta Maji

P.S. This guy’s date memory is another marvel! By dates I  mean calendar dates 😉 . He remembers each and every date alongwith time to the last second for each event! Let it be our birthdays, or exams or just any petty argument or any party whatever! He remembers each one like a computer or maybe a diary.

Please explain why…

Just yesterday I was watching a TV ad for an year ending function on some channel. It was Sunny Leone dancing on a stage in the center of a fountain, drenched wet to the bone, and there was a huge audience gaping at her. I was aghast! what the hell is this?

In this so-called civilized society of ours, a prostitute is always looked down upon with the most venomous cocktail of the worst possible emotions. Only because she sells her body to different persons.. On the other hand the same so-called civilized society is not at all shocked or disturbed in any way, rather eager to buy tickets to public shows of Sunny Leone the porn-star! Why?

Why should a porn-star get so much publicity and such a huge celebrity status when she is also selling her body for money? What the hell is wrong with sex workers? Is it because Leone is rich, whatever she is does is alright?! I am not against anybody who sell their bodies. I wanna know the reason behind this double standard, please explain! You have no rights to look down upon them, unless your own moral compass points true North.

P.S. and please, don’t take me as a saintly type fella. I’m just an average guy

Seems different each time..

whenever I visit my own posts.

Sometimes when I am really damn bored (pretty much unusual 😉 ) have nothing else to do, I tend to look back at my life. That usually involves racking my brains, but an easier way is to look at my own blog posts. Coz I can’t write any sort imaginary stuff, all of my posts invariably reflect the status of my mind at that particular point of time. Freeze framed! 😀

I have no guest post on my blog, but reading each post gives me the impression that it was written by someone else. I don’t know why. Some posts seem lame (like this one 😛 ), some really solid! In my initial posts my english didn’t flow as free as now. My way of presentation seems different after every few consequtive posts. In some posts I have done so deep introspection or analysis that now it seems like a long lost treasure island to which I can’t remember the way back. Apparently it  seems impossible that I was able to think that deep 😮 ! Certain emotions which can still be felt in those old posts are now long lost on me, some replaced by new ones and so on..

Little nostalgic about my older selves, little amazed at the newer “me”s.. I can’t resist asking you to visit some of my older posts and leave your feedback 🙂

p.s. I am not blog-visit-hungry u know 😉