Just yesterday I was watching a TV ad for an year ending function on some channel. It was Sunny Leone dancing on a stage in the center of a fountain, drenched wet to the bone, and there was a huge audience gaping at her. I was aghast! what the hell is this?

In this so-called civilized society of ours, a prostitute is always looked down upon with the most venomous cocktail of the worst possible emotions. Only because she sells her body to different persons.. On the other hand the same so-called civilized society is not at all shocked or disturbed in any way, rather eager to buy tickets to public shows of Sunny Leone the porn-star! Why?

Why should a porn-star get so much publicity and such a huge celebrity status when she is also selling her body for money? What the hell is wrong with sex workers? Is it because Leone is rich, whatever she is does is alright?! I am not against anybody who sell their bodies. I wanna know the reason behind this double standard, please explain! You have no rights to look down upon them, unless your own moral compass points true North.

P.S. and please, don’t take me as a saintly type fella. I’m just an average guy

3 thoughts on “Please explain why…

  1. in our snob society people disrespect the woman who works as housemaid, dont feel any sympathy for her but weep for bardancers (who earn fat lot of money), I sometimes feel so absolutely **** off 😦

    any way, i feel pity for prostitutes, i am against prostitution, they should be allowed the same status of these-who sell their body for money (more).

    1. Exactly! that is my point too! In today’s dog eat dog world girls are often driven towards such things to survive, they have no other choice, yet they are snubbed. And the one who did it by her own choice is being honored! I totally hate this worship-rich attitude.
      Anyway thanx a lot for the visit n the comment, I will try to make up from my side soon 🙂

      1. we will meet men who will bluntly refuse their housemaid a raise and then go out and spend that money on carnal pleasure… only women can change it, if they stop selling their bodies to get what they want.

        after all, why is this so rampant in India or other conservative societies? because here women dont respect themselves.

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