whenever I visit my own posts.

Sometimes when I am really damn bored (pretty much unusual 😉 ) have nothing else to do, I tend to look back at my life. That usually involves racking my brains, but an easier way is to look at my own blog posts. Coz I can’t write any sort imaginary stuff, all of my posts invariably reflect the status of my mind at that particular point of time. Freeze framed! 😀

I have no guest post on my blog, but reading each post gives me the impression that it was written by someone else. I don’t know why. Some posts seem lame (like this one 😛 ), some really solid! In my initial posts my english didn’t flow as free as now. My way of presentation seems different after every few consequtive posts. In some posts I have done so deep introspection or analysis that now it seems like a long lost treasure island to which I can’t remember the way back. Apparently it  seems impossible that I was able to think that deep 😮 ! Certain emotions which can still be felt in those old posts are now long lost on me, some replaced by new ones and so on..

Little nostalgic about my older selves, little amazed at the newer “me”s.. I can’t resist asking you to visit some of my older posts and leave your feedback 🙂

p.s. I am not blog-visit-hungry u know 😉

4 thoughts on “Seems different each time..

a penny for your thoughts..

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