I don’t remember when it was that I read this piece of information, rather article I should say. I don’t remember the title. Well, I don’t remember a lot of stuff like what I had for lunch today or where have I kept my purse and whatever. All I remember is a memory, a sort of insight, a new angle of view I found in one of the paragraphs. It might seem like I took this next sentence right out of the movie Inception, but actually the concept is like a dream. I don’t know where it began, I don’t know how to end it. So I never talked about it to anybody. On a second thought, nowadays I don’t even get time to talk about real happenings; leave alone the abstract.

Today I was watching Transcendence (I am a big fan of Hollywood movies especially sci-fi and animations). One of the key points of the movie is self-awareness and the nature of our consciousness. This concept of being self-aware, it sent ripples in the dark lake of my memories and out came these thoughts. Let’s try to put my thoughts in writing.

As persons, we are aware of ourselves. We sense each of ourselves as different from each other, independent self-driven physical and emotional entities. We are totally aware of our own boundaries. Unless we are stimulated within that boundary of our body or mind, we can’t sense neither we respond. So we can decide that each one of us is independently conscious. Now comes the interesting part. Did we happen to pop up like this all of a sudden?

Nope. We all had out origins as single cell called the zygote. That single cell in a mother’s body grows into a whole organism, well within the physical boundary of her body. Within the mother’s womb it had no separate existence, the mother and the baby are one. It has no self-awareness. Suddenly at birth the baby becomes a lone independent functioning entity, which can sustain itself. With growth of senses it learns to be self-aware, learns to feel that it is not a part of the mother’s body it has its own independent existence. I don’t know how you guys see this but to me this is pretty much amazing, like awesome! So going by this logic, our self-awareness, our independent existence, our different features, beliefs and pretty much everything that we sense as our consciousness go back in time to be one single entity of consciousness. We might be separate but we all are one. So we might actually call ourselves universal brothers and sisters, right? So what use is violence against our own selves, huh? I like to think this way. Put in your thoughts please.

p.s. – If you find the source article from which this came, please gimme the link. I would love to read it once again 🙂

2 thoughts on “From one of my old memories

  1. Hello! First of all, it’s been a long time. Happy to see you write after such a long gap.

    The matter you discussed is the one about which we generally don’t think much. Seriously, how after taking birth a baby becomes an independent entity of its own. There’s millions of mystery hidden in the folds of nature. But I am happy that we are independently conscious. 🙂

  2. Thank you! It feels kinda refreshing writing after such along time, but thanx to my luck I got a nice long weekend to spend (I wasn’t supposed to get this holiday 😛 ) and thinking randomly like I usually do. The resultant is here 🙂

    Yep, being independently conscious it is great indeed 🙂 . That is why we have a lot to think, to feel, to explore and learn about. Without it life would have been so monotonous.

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