I feel every important thing in life deserves a day of celebration. Love being the most important one, so we have Valentines day .Square and fair, you have a day to celebrate your love. No issues with that. But how many of us know what is Love?

I know I have asked the very obvious question and there happens to be so many poetic answers ready like “Love is life” “Love is a game” and so on. So let me rephrase the question..

What does love feel like? What is it actually to you? Take a pause and think. Leaving the exception of people who actually feel each and every syllable of I Love you while saying it, to the others it is merely a half-hearted symbol. A symbol to appease or sometimes give a sense of security or else feed their ego of having a partner. You know well what i am talking about so I wont explain any further. People fall in love.. is love a trap? Literally they have a great fall. They fall for looks first, character usually comes last in the list.. and and and I forgot the most important thing. Sensuality, without which nowadays young couples don’t even feel like they are in love and break up! Look around in TV ads and all, best example is that of the CloseUp. #makeyourfirstmove! what the hell? Is love all about touching and getting a feel of the body of the opposite sex? Don’t take me for a celebate. I like sex as much as you do maybe more, but I believe it comes afterwards. When two people love each other for what they actually are, feel that much comfortable in each others company then sensuality adds to the experience. Otherwise sensuality is like any other drug, feels great and later leaves you feeling empty. And lastly, you don’t bicker if you are in love with each other.

Love is a beautiful thing! When found you don’t demand anything in return. Not even an ‘I love you’. You become flexible enough to accommodate all faults or shortcomings if any at all. Loving and giving away all makes you feel complete. Sounds fairy-tale-ish? But it is Real-ish. Lucky are those who find such love, and I am one of them 🙂

Spread love 🙂 and have a happy valentines day!

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