India today has more mobile phones than people, a proven fact. But where these communication devices come from, huh?

Starting from the cheapest Samsung guru series(my dad uses it) to the most expensive iPhone all of those phones come from China. Not just mobiles, but the whole spectrum of networking devices (routers, switches, computers etc) used here comes from China. The whole communication network of India relies on Chinese imports. So if you take out the Chinese maal out of India, you are leaving India without its communication network. Work would come to a standstill, as all the laptops would also be taken away. Just imagine life without your precious phone and net. Can you? Ironically, I am writing about #BoycottChinese on a China-assembled laptop. Is it just me? Nah!

All of India (at home and abroad) is earning, working, writing, communicating, talking and expressing themselves and ranting #BoycottChinese through Chinese products only!

Has anyone thought about that? We can’t escape using Chinese products no matter how hard we try. Directly or indirectly our fragile lives are supported by Chinese imports. No matter what you do, you simply can’t take China out of India by #BoycottChinese..

Instead of ranting #BoycottChinese, #makeinIndia drive makes more sense to me. That is the only way to cut off China, so I feel.

a penny for your thoughts..

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