Just had a bad hair day. Usually the hair-styles I try none of them suit me. But today’s cut was exceptionally bad according to some. Maybe it was. Everyone’s gaze was making me feel sorta uneasy and I was trying to hide. The reaction was strange  to my senses. The world visible to me was absolutely same as any other day. But just a bad hair day made so many repercussions around me. Why? To my eyes the same people were behaving different all of a sudden. I knew logically but I could not comprehend it with my heart. Just absence of a few tufts of hair can change people’s reactions so much. Few even said I was looking good trying to cheer me up. But I was still confused, not logically but emotionally. I had not done anything to them, but everyone’s reactions are different. To my mind the reason was well understood but my eyes and ears could not put the pieces together. It is difficult.. I had a feeling it must be what it is like when you are a mad guy. Then you have no idea why everyone is behaving oddly about you but you scan sense the oddity. Today it was #judgementDay.

Today was a #judgementDay not because I was at the court. But I had a first hand experience of what it is like to be judged by all around you. Of course this isn’t the first, I have had worse before, but this was one of a kind.The feeling of being there, at the center of the gossip universe, you and I both know it is one of a kind feeling.

Judging, it is so ingrained in us that we feel empty if we aren’t judged by others. Our dresses and styles don’t feel complete unless complimented by others. Beauty isn’t beautiful enough unless it is looked at with jealousy… We give what we receive and we receive that we give. #settlement_balance_Zero Need I say more?

I know, you know what I am talking about. Let’s be and let others be. Let’s take off those judgy glasses, peep into the souls of all around us through their eyes. Instead of keeping them at bay let’s put Judgement away. If nothing else it will make our hard lives a bit easier. A bit easier it would be when we have room to breathe instead of judgy noses breathing on our shoulders. Higher shall we rise! Straight we shall stand, happily shall we live and peacefully shall we pass away.  We wont ‘rest in peace!’, mind you. No we won’t! If you don’t have peace while you are living, being dead won’t make any difference to you. Why? Coz u were already dead man! Instead, lets have acceptance as much as u can spare. Then we all shall live in happiness and peace!

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