Gurmeet got jailed. Well and fine! But why this hullabaloo over this?

His followers are staunch believers of the fact that their guru is being framed. His non-followers( i mean the general public) they believe that the court has done justice and he should be booked under the law. My personal opinion is that if he was God himself none could have done anything to him, but he is a mere mortal who was very clever!! The people who are not his followers are disgusted and awed at how his followers are ready to give their lives for him. They can’t understand. Let me explain.

I was going somewhere to get my lappy repaired. I was walking towards a subway when I noticed a baby (very dirty) was holding its legs in its little hands and rolling in the floor. The elder brother maybe aged around 2-3 was nearby fiddling with some dirty plastics. Both of them gave a meaningful look at me, but neither said a word. The pangs of hunger in their bellies was shrieking out their clouded eyes, but they were mum. Their mum was not there around. I silently descended the stairs leaving them at the top. A family with another kid (well dressed and pampered) crossed me by. The contrast could not have been more well-timed. I saw the family pass the two kids at the top of the stairs. What a world I asked myself.. There i realised something. The hungry stomach doesn’t care for ethics. Those kids if they are given food, they will treat the giver as god and do as commanded.

Our society has always shown contempt to so called lower castes. They never got the dignity they deserve as humans from society. Naturally they followed the guy who fulfilled their hunger. He gave them the dignity they deserved, why would not they be ready to die for him?

Dont u nationalists say that you will die for the soil that has nurtured you? Now place urself in Gurmeet’s followers’ shoes and place Gurmeet in place of ur Nation. Makes sense?

It is high time our society drops these archaic notions of caste and all nonsense based on ancient thought. Either welcome the ignored and downtrodden with open minds or else these Babas and Ma-s will continue fucking you all. That’s it. Plain and simple.

a penny for your thoughts..

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