(a guest post by my college friend Sudipta Maji (méjo) summing up his experiences of this year, definitely worth a read! Usually someone who has been through so much in a little time is usually expected to be changed from head to toe, but not this guy. He has literally filtered all the good stuff from all the situations he has been through and yet has retained himself as the Méjo we always knew. He is  a real gem of a guy, one in millions!  I am proud to have him as my friend.  Here goes…)


1. I got someone as my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Thank you Susanta Da.
2. I got some friends I will never forget. Thank you Prashant, Sandhya, Somya, Nandu.
3. I got someone as my Idol. Respect to Sri Guru Sir.
4. I got the respect as SIR from around 400 students.


1. 14/01/2013 – I missed Makar Sankranti at Suruliar Ghat.
2. 27/01/2013 – I missed Ramharipur RKM Utsav.
3. 10/02/2013 – I missed GATE Exam.
4. 15/02/2013 – I missed Saraswati Puja.
5. 27/03/2013 – I missed Beliatore Mela.
6. 31/03/2013 – I missed WB Primary TET Exam.
7. 15/04/2013 – I missed ‘Mayer Hater Machh-Bhat’ in Subho Nababarsha.
8. 20/05/2013 – I missed Nutangram Mela(24 Prahar).
9. 23/05/2013 – I missed Nirisha Shiver Gajon.
10. 12/07/2013 – I missed Beliatore Gajon.
11. 17/09/2013 – I missed Viswakarma Puja and Mansa Puja.
12. 11/10/2013 – I missed Durga Puja.
13. 18/10/2013 – I missed Laxmi Puja.
14. 25/12/2013 – I missed Picnic.
15. I am missing my favourite serial CID since 1 year.


1. 02/01/2013 – I have started my journey to Bangalore in search of a new life.
2. 18/01/2013 – I have started my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
3. 26/03/2013 – I have played HOLI in a different place with different persons after a few years.
4. 04/05/2013 – The worst deed in my life I have done.
5. 05/05/2013 – I got hurt most in my life.
6. 10/06/2013 – I got hurt for second time and I realized that he has no fear of losing anything who has nothing.
7. 25/07/2013 – I have completed my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
8. 10/08/2013 – I have started my work in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
9. 26/10/2013 – I have experienced 60 hours train journey (26.10.2013 6 AM to 28.10.2013 6 PM).
10. 02/11/2013 – I have completed 5,000 hours Internet Browsing through my phone since 2010.


1. I have learnt to speak English and Hindi fluently after coming here.
2. I have learnt to speak with each and every person whoever he/she is.
3. I have learnt to speak with girls without any hesitation.
4. I have learnt to take a bath in early morning.
5. I have learnt to take challenge in my own interest.
6. I realized that a girl may be a friend without being a girlfriend.
7. I realized that sometimes telling a lie is more important than a truth.
8. I realized why people forget to eat, drink and sleep for someone.
9. I realized that feelings can’t be explained in words, it can only be felt.
10. I realized that my feelings change from person to person with time.
11. I realized that the happiness present in a true statement is not present in a lie.
12. I understood that Sunday is also a working day for us (LC).
13. I have made Sambar, Rasam, Idly, Dosa as my life partner.
14. I have made my habit to spend more than 12 hours in a day in front of computer.
15. I have made my habit to appear in exams any time even without preparations.


1. Till now I am unplaced, don’t know will I get a job or not.
2. Till now I am single and waiting for someone special.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned informations are correct as per my knowledge. And I also declare that this post is nothing but my realizations and I don’t want to hurt anyone by my post. If I have hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly I am sorry for that from the core of my heart.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudipta Maji

P.S. This guy’s date memory is another marvel! By dates I  mean calendar dates 😉 . He remembers each and every date alongwith time to the last second for each event! Let it be our birthdays, or exams or just any petty argument or any party whatever! He remembers each one like a computer or maybe a diary.

Please explain why…

Just yesterday I was watching a TV ad for an year ending function on some channel. It was Sunny Leone dancing on a stage in the center of a fountain, drenched wet to the bone, and there was a huge audience gaping at her. I was aghast! what the hell is this?

In this so-called civilized society of ours, a prostitute is always looked down upon with the most venomous cocktail of the worst possible emotions. Only because she sells her body to different persons.. On the other hand the same so-called civilized society is not at all shocked or disturbed in any way, rather eager to buy tickets to public shows of Sunny Leone the porn-star! Why?

Why should a porn-star get so much publicity and such a huge celebrity status when she is also selling her body for money? What the hell is wrong with sex workers? Is it because Leone is rich, whatever she is does is alright?! I am not against anybody who sell their bodies. I wanna know the reason behind this double standard, please explain! You have no rights to look down upon them, unless your own moral compass points true North.

P.S. and please, don’t take me as a saintly type fella. I’m just an average guy

Seems different each time..

whenever I visit my own posts.

Sometimes when I am really damn bored (pretty much unusual 😉 ) have nothing else to do, I tend to look back at my life. That usually involves racking my brains, but an easier way is to look at my own blog posts. Coz I can’t write any sort imaginary stuff, all of my posts invariably reflect the status of my mind at that particular point of time. Freeze framed! 😀

I have no guest post on my blog, but reading each post gives me the impression that it was written by someone else. I don’t know why. Some posts seem lame (like this one 😛 ), some really solid! In my initial posts my english didn’t flow as free as now. My way of presentation seems different after every few consequtive posts. In some posts I have done so deep introspection or analysis that now it seems like a long lost treasure island to which I can’t remember the way back. Apparently it  seems impossible that I was able to think that deep 😮 ! Certain emotions which can still be felt in those old posts are now long lost on me, some replaced by new ones and so on..

Little nostalgic about my older selves, little amazed at the newer “me”s.. I can’t resist asking you to visit some of my older posts and leave your feedback 🙂

p.s. I am not blog-visit-hungry u know 😉

Gurus, faith-healers and double standards…

In Hindi —
Jab koi bole ye rattan pehen lo, toh sab usko gaalian dete hain ye kehke ki andh-vishwas hai.
Par TV pe jab deo ka ad ata hai, usme deo lag ate hi ladkiyaan ake chipak jaati hain, tab koi nehi kehta ke ye bhi andh vishwas hai. Khusi khusi use sach maanke deo kharid bhi lete hain.
English— When a faith-healer says something like “wear this gemstone, this will be hugely beneficial for you”, people often scoff saying it is superstition, blind-faith and so on, coz it cannot be explained by known Science.
But those same people gawk at deo ads where girls stick to and lick a guy after he sprays the gas can, although this too can’t be explained by known science. This time instead of scoffing, they happily buy off those gas cans.  See the double standard?!  Read on if you are interested anymore…
somewhat like this..

 Tomorrow I have my IBPS PO exam, but being unable to focus my mind in my books have been playing guitar since morning. All of a sudden I heard my mom watching a TV programme. It is a live talk show in which a guru who has a gift of one of our deity, and is also an accomplished astrologer. In short he is a very powerful psychic. So it is said on the TV ads. But, with the recent arrest of self-styled godman Asaraam Bapu on criminal charges, people have all of a sudden grown very much suspicious of all the spiritual people, which is very normal.

The methods of faith-healers aren’t explicable by known sciences because they work on psychological and spiritual levels (so I am told). This is the logic professed by a part of the population with a so-called scientific mindset. Some days back I also read somewhere that there is a law in the making which bans all such faith-healers for the reason that they promote blind-faith and superstitions. Typically those people, most in their youth believe things they can see with their own eyes. Some of them don’t even believe in the Almighty, coz he/she is invisible to the naked eye. Everything they see they try to analyse along lines of proven Science, which is a good thing. They would agree with me that being scientific means to weigh everything on the same scale, measure everything by the same rules and so on. But to my dismay these same people practice a horrible double standard!  Like I said they believe TV ads very much blindly. They think smoking and drinking alcohol makes them manlier, which actually damages their kidneys and kills them from inside. Using deos makes them ir-resistively attractive to the opposite sex. Using fairness creams make them more handsome. Height of all, just being fairer increases confidence, also enables you to win everything from beauty pageants to dancing and singing competitions. And so on..  and these guys cry against spiritual gurus even without knowing if they are fake at all or not.

Now, if you care for more, here are a few more lines with my opinion. I think of myself as a scientific being. I don’t believe anything without proof. I wear two gemstomes on my right hand fingers, because I have seen these things work when implemented properly. Neither do I believe all spiritual gurus without a trial nor do I rush to the market to buy of perfumed gas-cans and scented creams. My opinion is that if we are truly scientific, then let us be that fully. Let’s throw away all double standards and weigh each thing we see by the results they yield, instead of dismissing them as unscientific just coz they can’t be explained. There are still a lot of things yet to be explained by science. Our very own Ayurveda’s concepts are based on the principle that our bodies are made of the five elements (panchabhuta), which can’t be explained by modern science. But I have personally seen Ayurveda yield the best results for some diseases termed incurable by Allopathic doctors. I am not telling you to believe in all spiritual gurus or faith-healers, coz there are many phonies indeed. All I ask of you people is not to blindly believe anyone.  See it for yourself; test each thing before making a decision. That way you will be able to filter all the phonies from the good and reap the benefits. May god bless us all!

Honesty isn’t the best policy anymore… is it?

I was talking with my father. One of his colleagues’ daughters had an interview in TCS. The interview went well, but in the end she was asked to be frank about her later ambition in life. She (being so-called inexperienced) blurted out that she would be leaving TCS after a few years to pursue MBA. An honest answer it was, but that sealed her chances of bagging the job.  After hearing this I had a little debate with my father. My father is of the opinion that when applying for a job interview one should pretend like he/she is dying to get the job and will be forever be sticking to the company/firm.  This  is the unwritten rule of clearing any job interview. Furthermore he says this is also applicable to any point in life where you need to get something. This isn’t the first time that I have heard this from him, neither he alone professes this view. Almost all persons I have come across employ this trick with ease. Those who are master at this are the most successful mangers, often have MBAs and some are hired by companies for millions/month.  They don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse while lying. Yet they are some of the most vocal ones while denouncing politicians/ other people alike when they are convicted in scams/shams. Once to be or not to beagain I would like to repeat the example of the young girl I mentioned in the first few lines. She wasn’t selected because she openly admitted her higher ambitions for life. On the other hand I have friends working in the company, who successfully passed this test of being “expert liars” and are already planning to resign from the company.  To me this means that companies/ HR people value lying expertise over the actual substance inside.  I can safely say this because I know the girl personally and she is the most diligent person I have ever known, a real jewel for any firm that might hire her, but that wasn’t valuable enough for the HR who interviewed her.   My open and only question to him is “do the people who pass your interviews stay in TCS forever? Then on what ground did you reject her?” .His own skills for filtering people are questionable and he finds it perfectly fit to fail a candidate just because she was being honest? What the hell?


Almost each day I find some other person lamenting over the current state of affairs in our country and the world, but they themselves resort to questionable means to achieve personal benefits. Everyone hates being back-stabbed, but does it to others every now and then… and so on. Seems like, Honesty isn’t the best policy anymore.





PS.. This post is not intended to hurt anyone whoever is working in TCS or any other company. I have just hate certain attitudes and this post is only against one of them.  


a letter to my younger self

This idea isn’t my original. I have been inspired by many awesome posts with this title, so here is one of mine. One of mine in the sense that I would like to write many letters to all my junior selves from all the years, coz no two of them were the same. Here is my letter to my self 3 years back. When I was in 2nd year in college..


Hi dear!

I know u are doing fine, not absolutely great but fine! I hope you are starting to get out of your shell, ragging period is over man! You didn’t attend fresher’s and you missed a hell lot of fun there. Well I am not gonna tell you all about your college and sound repetitive. I am gonna tell you about what you are gonna become (like an astrologer huhahaha! 😀 😛 ).

Kid, no sorry. You are an adult now. Still my junior, so I think may call you kid. You were a kid, you are a kid, and you always will be a kid. (I am not talking about your looks. I am not talking about you with your old man type glasses, untidy beard or the mustache. With that look you do look a few years older, but don’t worry you will have your specs frames changed by the next year.) In your mind, you are still a kid. You enjoy cartoons. You do try to cook up a joke every now and then. 😀 Your attention wanders off all the time, except when working with computers. You just can’t take life seriously. You look all around you; there are all kinds of people around. Friends and others seriously planning their lives and careers like they are on a military mission, intrigues you. You feel like it would have been better to be like them. You see people of your age, you try to emulate them. You try all your might to make yourself feel like a mature adult! But all you manage to do is silence your joke factory for a while and so.

Now you feel like these are the worst qualities a guy can have. But believe me, these are the best things you could ever have! As life progresses you will be witness to a lot of scenes and situations where this being a kid at heart will help you most. You will receive many terrible shocks and back-stabs from people you always thought were your closest, which will teach you some awesome lifelong lessons. Trim your habit of being friendly from the first talk. Hold yourself to your self. Pretty soon you will have some long distance trips with your friends, they will be… I won’t spoil the fun. Pretty soon you will come across a situation which will teach you to be careful online. You will pick up the habit of clicking your friends’ pictures without telling them. Yeah you guessed it right! You are gonna have a cellphone, then a laptop too! A laptop who will be like a sick kid. You will have to take him to the service center many times. Your software exploration will make you lose all your data on your laptop, but in return you will have learnt a new scripting language! Awesome isn’t it? but yeah, you will lose your dear photos. You won’t have a girlfriend :p , but a few crushes. Observation of couples all around you will make you a sort of all-knowing-GURU. Within another year you will have a firsthand experience of flirting, which might leave you shattered for a couple of weeks. But like I told you before, you just can’t take life seriously, so it would wear off soon. Although you are easily swayed by powerful speeches, quotes and words everywhere, you will learn to see things for what they really are. I might say you will be one among the very few blessed with X-ray vision. Your diplomacy and tact will be refined with each passing day and they will prove very helpful in future. Your philosopher streak will stay with you all the time and it will help you gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of life and love each day.  B-)

You will be rejected in all your campus interviews and off-campus drives. Don’t be sad for them. They will turn out to be some of the best turning points of your life. You will start preparing for government jobs. Here you might think that your dreams of being software engineer will be shattered, but you are wrong! Your friends might learn the stuff at company trainings and you would be learning them at NIIT! Believe me, this will be far faaar better than to learn in company training environments. Tanvir, Indrajit and Sneha (also from your class, and your future buddies) will tell you that it is a very harsh environment in the companies. Instead of that, you will be learning Java and Oracle at your own pace. Lovely it will be! 😀 Also you will learn playing the guitar, though I don’t know how far you will be able to go with it but you will enjoy it for sure. You will be impatient like always.  At times you might even feel like giving it up, but you will pick up the rhythms pretty quick!

Eventually you will learn to care less and less about results but more and more about the present moment..

Lastly, mom and dad will be like they always were. Dad will get more impatient with age, but mom will be as lovely and lively as always! Kid, love yourself, your family, your dear ones and try to live in each moment. 🙂

your older self

feelings of a ……(I don’t know, u decide)

Lets start this post with a good news. My job hunt seems to be nearing its destination. In the last few weeks I got the results of some of the exams I have been appearing for and quite luckily, I have managed to clear a few of them. I don’t know if I will be able to clear the next levels, but for now I am very happy. Almost super-excited you can say. Friends and relatives have multiplied my joy with their congratulations and good wishes. A hearty thanx to all of them 🙂

Some of you might be knowing one of my ambitions was to be a software engineer, though it is not my chosen career path. It is more of a hobby, or you might say passion like my guitar. My dad got a sniff of that. So he asked me if I wanted to join any computer course. I agreed at once and I am currently learning core and advanced Java at NIIT, Durgapur. Nowadays I have classes everyday in the evening. And when one is passionate about something, one hardly misses a chance of meeting ;). As usual our dear Anand Sir was instructing us to write a program. We were in the machine room, coz today we had our practical class. All of a sudden a awesomely handsome guy walks in with some other pretty girls and says “Sir, we are celebrating teacher’s day today. Please come with us”. We were already behind schedule, so sir didn’t wanna leave us for a second. But the guy didn’t budge, he tried pleading with him to persuade him. The girls joined in with him. Ultimately some other teachers intervened and our sir had to go. I felt something which reminded me of my school days and college years. Although my college years are just 1 n 1/2 years behind me, but this was something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

In every class I have been in, there were always some charismatic, handsome, strong etc guys. They always had a different sort of air about them. Literally we were in the same class, but they always belonged to some different higher class. They were like the celebrities. Never did anyone oppose or neglect them. Never did anyone pretend to be indifferent to their words and feelings. On the contrary their each and every emotion change was attended to by at least 3-4 other guys/girls. They often joined each other and picked on the underdogs. They were the teachers’ pets. Each and every event, may it be cultural/sports whatever, they were always the natural leaders. Like everybody else they too did silly mistakes, but nobody ever laughed at them for those. They always had this air of a know-all about them, and always looked down upon ignorance of useless baseless things (like name of the porn-star with the hugest booty).  Coz my confidence was always crushed under the attitude of these handsome bullies, I remained an introvert throughout school. Those affected me badly. Also, I hated them 😡

By now you might say that I was just jealous of those celebrity type guys/girls. Yeah I admit that. Coz I was never near to being handsome or charismatic or a highly talented geek, I felt jealous of them. I never liked the treatment the my world gave me. But being a staunch believer of the law of karma, now I know I got the treatment which I deserved. Mostly those are harmless far faded memories of the past now. But occasional chances like these, they do return to haunt me and when they do, I feel the same way I did all those years ago. I don’t know what you are thinking of me, but I would very much like to get rid of these childhood impressions off my mind. Got any ideas?

There are no accidents

and this video is a classic proof of the concept. The speaker Mr. Cristian Sarkar is talking about how very distant, seemingly unrelated incidents were unfolding in the far corners of the world, how they focussed on the same goal and ultimately converged at a point. How a solitary thought snowballed into a huge movement concerning a very fundamental need of 90% of the human race. The goal was to design/create a house with $300 budget for the poor. A home which won’t be just another hut of mud, but a place having minimum requirements for a family to live, e.x.a sturdy roof, a solar power supply, water purification system etc. As we know, the poor are always busy gathering means of living, so they are never free to think of anything better like education or gathering useful skills. This concept house if possible would lighten their load to a lot extent.

Mr. Cristian talks about how so many people became part of this whole movement. In today’s world where we don’t trust our next of kin, he and his peers trusted each other without knowing anything about each other. His design competition attracted attention from the whole wide world and many like-minded people joined in, some of them were actually doing these so had hands-on experience and so on.. It is a really inspiring lecture. He finally concludes advising us to spare our time for others without a profit motive. This video is one among a series of many by such eminent inspiring personalities from the TEDxGateway Mumbai last year. Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

How does Modern Healthcare touch lives.. is staging a blogging competition along with Apollo Hospitals. the topic is “how Modern day health care is touching our lives” and here is my submission.

There was a time when we were a part of nature. We didn’t have any specific knowledge of health or what it meant, because we were no different than all other animals. We ate, lived in and were cared for by nature herself. Slowly with the invention of the fire, the wheel human beings became a big force to reckon with. We came out of the care of Mother Nature and started carving a niche for ourselves and went on expanding our knowledge and understanding. As our total knowledge expanded beyond the capacity of any single person, we began specialising. We assigned ourselves different and specific branches of knowledge and went out on our different ways. Each one of us became an expert in something. But by now we had already moved far away from the care of Mother Nature. We started falling sick and dying and that was going to have a real negative impact unless cured. So a specific branch called medical sciences (different cultures had different names for them like Ayurveda, Unani etc) was allotted to a specific group, who got the duty of healing the sick. With time our ways of life kept changing. As our knowledge expanded further we focussed on more specifications and the knowledge to keep ourselves fit n fine was lost like different pieces of a puzzle. We began falling prey to diseases, plagues and epidemics. Vast sections of the human population died. We were helpless. We were groping in the dark searching for cures but could not find any.

Here, modern medicine came to our rescue. It started its research from scratch and catalogued its findings. Slowly we began understanding our own anatomy, what lies within, how it works and all! Joseph Lister started it all with the discovery of the vaccine. Louis Pasteur, father of modern medicine discovered bacteria and told us how we could prevent diseases. Anaesthesia paved the way for painless surgeries. Since then medical sciences has been on a roll! Deeper research of medical sciences was promoted by the discovery of the compound microscope and the electron microscope. Fibre optic technology helped us in micro- surgery. Radiology helped us cure tumours and cancers and today we have organ transplants! Curing cataract is now a single day procedure. Pacemakers have given new lease of life to millions. Artificial insulin is helping sugar patients comfortably continue with their own lifestyles. Blood pressure and asthma aren’t lifestyle-dampers either thanks to modern medicines.  Even a few years back, cancer was totally incurable. But today early detection can completely cure cancer. Today HIV +ve people can lead normal lives and have normal HIV -ve kids. Most important of all, average life expectancy has increased. Mind it, I just gave a narrow coverage of a huuuuge topic , There is much, much more to talk about!

Even after so many advances and discoveries, modern medical research is yet to reach the pinnacle.  There are still many areas unexplored and unknown. But our brilliant scientists with their untiring efforts are working day-n-nite, determined to discover them all! Hats off to them!!

Possibly the most important lesson of my life ever..

Just finished downloading and watching the movie The Truman show starring one of my favourite actors Jim Carrey.. Those who know me personally might be a bit surprised to know that I took the time to download and watch something which is not at all an animated one. Even I myself don’t know what got into me. Maybe God had decided to teach me the most important lesson of my life.. I recommend you watch it too if you haven’t already.

Throughout the movie I felt pity for the Truman Burbank character. I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a story born from a fertile imagination; otherwise I could not have watched it till the end. Also usually I am able to relate myself to most the characters portrayed by Jim Carrey (to some extent at least). This one was different. I didn’t find any such relation, just watched it passively. The movie finished, 10 min afterwards it hit me!!

This whole movie was an absolute parallel to my life! I was living a real-life Truman show. According to the story Truman was bound in the world created for him since birth. As a result, it was his comfort zone and he never thought to break out of the artificial world, so he never knew anything about what was beyond what he knew. He never got the whiff that he was being monstrously deceived. He was always limited by his fears of the sea and air travel. Parallel to that, I live inside a world of my own fears, which have made my life limited to the same old routine like Truman’s. But eventually Truman starts realising the truth of deception and starts seeing through the masks. Finally he musters courage to overcome his child-hood fear of water, braves the artificial storm across the artificial sea and escapes from the artificial island of Seahaven.

So I realised that my comfort zone is actually the cage created by my own fears and mental blocks. I killed all my chances to escape the cage by the I possibly can’t attitude. I have let most opportunities pass by thinking “This isn’t possible for me”. Mostly I am shy to go somewhere or  do something alone, all by myself, thinking “What will others think”. But no more!

Even till yesterday I used to be shy of writing blog posts in front of somebody else for no concrete reason at all. But right now my dad is sitting beside me. He asked me what was i doing which I answered quite plainly (pretty big feat for me, ‘coz he intimidates me) Even while writing the last post I was thinking “Would my readers like this post”. This was the thought at back of my mind, but not today. Today I am writing this to keep reminding myself that there is a lot to be done. It takes just one thought  to overcome the fears I have. I am not afraid of anything anymore. From the next month I am gonna go to learn swimming alone. I don’t care if I have any friend to accompany me, I am tired of asking for company. I am gonna face the exams I have always dreaded. “If I shall succeed” will be answered when I get the results. But now I have just got to do, because “I can only if, and only when I want”. Everything else will take care of itself.

At the Door of this artificial world (courtesy

A funny way of telling “You were being poisoned”

Or maybe “are being“, who knows for certain?

I like noodles not because they are tasty but those are the only things I know how to cook 😉 .

Funny thing is that each time I prepare the same thing, it tastes  a little different. Sometimes a little soupy (or runny you might say), sometimes so dry that by the time it cools down the whole cooked mass takes the shape of a solid cake again.I am a bit clumsy. So each time I cook I read the instructions minutely before doing it (though there are only 6 or 7 lines).

Pack of lies!
Pack of lies!

One day while reading the pack, I noticed a line “NO ADDED MSG” in the ingredients. I thought “What the hell? Was this an ingredient of the Masala pack that comes with it?”. I prepared the noodles, the taste wasn’t any different. On Google-ing I found that MSG (called Mono Sodium Glutamate) is a common additive of noodles, also very obviously bad for health. Since then I started noticing such lines on all other products. Nowadays, all brands of potato chips packets have “No Trans-fats” line. Oil packets have “no unsaturated fatty acids” line, fruit juices have “no added preservatives” etc. The height happened when I saw an ad of a specific brand of paan-masala in which a lady was saying “Does not contain any tobacco!”. I was dumb-founded!

What the hell is going on? These announcements that their brand of products doesn’t have this and that, are no more than advertising gimmicks. Some are carefully crafted, and some are paper-thin. Ex. “No added preservatives” on fruit juice packs, that’s a see-through lie. If the “No trans-fat” was true then potato chips would have been ticked off the junk food list long ago. So, I think is useless to believe them, ‘coz we can’t tell by taste or by smell if those “no added” additives are still been added. Still on the slight chance that we do believe, it would mean that we have been consuming this poisonous stuff before for a pretty long time!

If we have been poisoned already, then what’s the use of having ambrosia other than to prolong our pain in death?

P.S. : the point of view of the lay-est layman

Q: Who invented Romance?

A:  Romans, who else?!!

‘Coz they were the first ever
authentic Romantic people
living on the face of earth!!  😀 😀

Mountain Dew punch!

Mountain Dew (India) uses the campaign line “Darr K Age Jeet Hai“, which means “Success lies beyond your fears“. In the ads they show people doing things (which they are usually scared of) after a drink of Mountain Dew. I just took it a little further,

and here is my punch on Mountain Dew!

Click on the pic to get a better view! (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

That's the way to DEW!!
That’s the way to DEW!!

I hope you like it. 😀

If you care for more, here is the story behind this poster. Yesterday in the evening there was a sudden storm. As I ran out to collect the clothes hanging outside right there was a huge crash of lightning and thunder nearby. I almost fell down scared. So, I thought I should have had a can of Mountain Dew before doing this and had my Light-Bulb moment! It took me around two hours to put this together.

A job interview: My luckiest day ever!

(Some of you might be knowing that I successfully cleared the 1st tier of IBPS bank clerk exam, today was the day of the interview)

Today wasn’t a dream come true, rather it was a live dream. Let’s have a replay!

My day stated at 5:50. Dad called up on my phone. With sleepy eyes I went on with my daily morning business. Then took a bath, got ready in my new formals (this was to be my first off-campus interview in full formal gear). I had a light breakfast, then put on my shoes, bah-byed my elder sister and left off. Stepping on the road I remembered that I had left my money purse on the T.V. I can’t have gone anywhere without it.  I ran back and found that I had left my files and documents along with my money purse! Momentarily I had a flash-forward of a future in which I was appearing before the interview panel, without any of my documents. This whole thought made me go a little dizzy. I dropped on a sofa to catch my breath. My heart was chasing Ussain Bolt and it did take me a few minutes to gather myself. I thanked god from the deepest of my heart and went off again (Let this be a reminder to us all as an example of a grand blunder, caused by tension).  From that point of time, everything went downhill.

Within a few minutes of reaching the bus stop, I got the bus. The venue of the interview was very close to the Chetla rest house, where I have stayed a number of times with some of my friends and had a few memorable days (click here).  I reached there with an hour to spare. Waiting outside in a line, on an Indian summer day is extremely uncomfortable. But it wasn’t as bad as that. The sky was cloudy and the place where we were waiting had a lot of trees to shade us. Having nothing else to do I got acquainted with some. All of them had come from different places and different backgrounds. Each one had a different story but none was even close to mine. Suddenly the crowd at the gate thinned. The candidates were called in. There were four interview panels of 4 people each. I was assigned to panel  number 10. The interview was scheduled for later on, first our documents were to be verified. We were seated in a room having the design of a very small auditorium. Seats were raised progressively from front row to the last one. We were told to arrange our documents with photocopies and get it verified from them. Many had not brought all the documents, but they did not fret at all. Even when I went to submit my documents, I was a little tense and shaky. The person at the desk noticing me, asked me to calm down. His words were “Don’t be tense or your interview will be ruined. We are here to take care of all the formalities. Calm down, you have nothing to worry about”. Just imagine, such a reassurance from a person on a desk job, handling so many documents, simultaneously verifying them, it is too good to be true. Same was true each one of the staff whom I met. They were surprisingly calm and reassuring; one of them even cracked little jokes to keep our tension at bay. One can’t ask for a better venue for an interview.

After some time it was my turn. I went in and with the usual formalities took my seat. First question was

Mr Mahanty. Are you by any chance related to (a short pause) Ramesh Mahanty?

(Before I go any further, I gotta say this was a sort of trick question. Mahanty-s are rare in this part of India and Debasish Mohanty was a famous player in the Indian cricket team. So, the question was supposed to go along the lines of “Are you related to the Debasish Mohanty”, and I was expected to answer with a “no, Sir”.
Instead he changed just one word and asked “Are you related to the Ramesh Mahanty”, but I saw through his trick)

I replied “Yes sir! He is my father”. The interviewer seemed impressed at my prompt and correct response! Then there were the usual questions like “Why banking after B.Tech”, “do you think your skills are going to be of any use?”, “What are interpersonal skills” e.t.c. The fourth person, a lady, was obviously a person of technical background. She asked me some basic questions from networking and programming (Electronics graduates are not supposed to know in depth about computers and programming, so she wasn’t expecting any answer from me but I proved her wrong). The interviewers were impressed. One of them began in Bengali and gave a long speech of 10 minutes concluding with “boy, you are a born officer, don’t chase such petty jobs as that of clerks”.

I felt like this!

When the interviewer praises you, it is hard to keep your teeth concealed behind your lips. I was feeling so buoyant I might have floated off the chair!! With a lot of restraint I managed keep it limited to a modest smile. They wished me good luck and I left. Coming out of the room I was so happy that I grabbed my bag and ran off!! I was so, soooo happy! People of Kolkata are too busy to notice anything else other than their own business, but if someone had seen me then, he might have thought of calling the Mental Hospital. My luck had not run out yet. I was buying tickets for the metro at Kalighat, when I met two celebrities. One was the star of a Bengali daily soap, another was a veteran actor of Bengali cinema. I might have approached them for autographs, but didn’t. Coz none around me seemed to be noticing them. Like I said before, people of Kolkata are too busy. I could not dare to stand out from the crowd and approach them, also because I could not believe my own eyes seeing them. As usual I took the bus for Durgapur at Esplanade. Luckily enough we didn’t get stuck in jam at Panagarh (the most dreaded place on the Kolkata-Durgapur route). Even better, as our bus entered city center bus stop, I thought I would have to wait for an A-Zone bus to take me home. Like I said before, waiting for anything on the noon of an Indian summer day, is terribly punishing. But today was my lucky day! Right then an A-Zone bus came in. I was thrilled! Had I bought a lottery today I would have hit the jackpot for sure! Thanx to all of them who wished me luck for the interview 🙂