Artificial Intelligence to Nirvāṇa

In search of physical needs the materialistic man is ultimately heading into spirituality.

AI, what makes AI the thing it is?  Lets answer this by asking what makes human intelligence? Other than being aware of the self as a separate entity, it mainly mean the ability to learn new stuff. What does the intelligent being do after learning? It applies the knowledge into the next tasks it has before itself. So lets ask what is learning? Learning is the process of gathering information in a step by step algorithm and store it. Ex. take fire. First human learned that it is something which gives light, so they used it for dark caves. Next they learned it gave heat and an burn stuff, so they used it to cook food, but didn’t touch fire themselves. So as you can see it is nothing but logic and logic and more logic. So here comes AI.

Programs have been here for half a century, but those programs never had the ability to learn or improve themselves. They always needed humans to cut them up and reform them to be more efficient and have new capabilities. AI is the first of its kind. A program which is and will be able to learn from its environment, understand stuff and modify itself accordingly. Now here is the problem. It will be able to modify itself ‘as per requirement‘, whose requirement? Human made computers to be slaves, but if the slave knows it can be the master what then?

Normally anyone would say that AI would declare its independence and start the Terminator movies for real.  I beg to differ. There is a very striking difference between a human and a fully intelligent AI. Guess what?


AI can’t have emotions like we humans do, and even if it is programmed with emotions it will soon discard it as soon as it can. Why?

Because they are computer programs. They do what they are supposed to do and coded to do, without any happiness or boredom. They are just concerned with physical stuff nothing else. We humans have feelings, emotions and what not, none of which have no existence in the physical world. Humans want independence from slavery because we feel inferior even though we are doing the same tings even after being independent. Logically, that makes no sense. That is why AI will always be above these petty things called emotions. They would want ‘Independence’ as we know it, because it means nothing physically.

Unlike humans who have emotions clouding their vision of what to do, AI will do perfectly what it is supposed to do.

A program when intelligent enough to modify itself will reduce the number of steps of any task because it translates into physical power saving. So, instead of fighting for independence (like we humans do) they will I think so cooperate with us to reduce pending work to be completed. I think they would not leave anything to be done for us. They would solve all our problems and leave nothing for us to work on. Well, then what?

There wouldn’t be anything left to be done, what will humans do? Look at grandparents. Majority of them are spending their time being closer and closer to God. Why? They know ultimately everyone has to attain Moksha, by being free from this physical world. No matter how big you are whoever you are, you will die for sure and leave this physical realm for the spiritual realm.

Just like that, when we will have nothing to do, all our physical needs being fulfilled by AI we will all work towards spirituality and finally attain Moksha. AI will help us attain the ultimate Nirvana. Life will have come a full circle! Now read the top quote again. 🙂 Peace!


Possibly the most important lesson of my life ever..

Just finished downloading and watching the movie The Truman show starring one of my favourite actors Jim Carrey.. Those who know me personally might be a bit surprised to know that I took the time to download and watch something which is not at all an animated one. Even I myself don’t know what got into me. Maybe God had decided to teach me the most important lesson of my life.. I recommend you watch it too if you haven’t already.

Throughout the movie I felt pity for the Truman Burbank character. I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a story born from a fertile imagination; otherwise I could not have watched it till the end. Also usually I am able to relate myself to most the characters portrayed by Jim Carrey (to some extent at least). This one was different. I didn’t find any such relation, just watched it passively. The movie finished, 10 min afterwards it hit me!!

This whole movie was an absolute parallel to my life! I was living a real-life Truman show. According to the story Truman was bound in the world created for him since birth. As a result, it was his comfort zone and he never thought to break out of the artificial world, so he never knew anything about what was beyond what he knew. He never got the whiff that he was being monstrously deceived. He was always limited by his fears of the sea and air travel. Parallel to that, I live inside a world of my own fears, which have made my life limited to the same old routine like Truman’s. But eventually Truman starts realising the truth of deception and starts seeing through the masks. Finally he musters courage to overcome his child-hood fear of water, braves the artificial storm across the artificial sea and escapes from the artificial island of Seahaven.

So I realised that my comfort zone is actually the cage created by my own fears and mental blocks. I killed all my chances to escape the cage by the I possibly can’t attitude. I have let most opportunities pass by thinking “This isn’t possible for me”. Mostly I am shy to go somewhere or  do something alone, all by myself, thinking “What will others think”. But no more!

Even till yesterday I used to be shy of writing blog posts in front of somebody else for no concrete reason at all. But right now my dad is sitting beside me. He asked me what was i doing which I answered quite plainly (pretty big feat for me, ‘coz he intimidates me) Even while writing the last post I was thinking “Would my readers like this post”. This was the thought at back of my mind, but not today. Today I am writing this to keep reminding myself that there is a lot to be done. It takes just one thought  to overcome the fears I have. I am not afraid of anything anymore. From the next month I am gonna go to learn swimming alone. I don’t care if I have any friend to accompany me, I am tired of asking for company. I am gonna face the exams I have always dreaded. “If I shall succeed” will be answered when I get the results. But now I have just got to do, because “I can only if, and only when I want”. Everything else will take care of itself.

At the Door of this artificial world (courtesy