Tonight is the last night of 2011 A.D. This is my last post of this year. I don’t have any special plan to celebrate the year end, so I am gonna enter the new year sleeping…

A little while ago, me and my friend Saikat (I hope u remember him from the previous posts) were chatting, mostly about the fun time we had at Kolkata.Yet, we were both feeling a little depressed coz, we haven’t been able to bag a job in campusing.Right then, I had a light bulb moment!!!

I told him          “Janis, chakri paini bhalo hoeche, age peye gele eto enjoy korte partam na

He agreed readily “Ha re…seriously.. amar to kono kichui mone hochhe na….
bhaad mein jae chakri, life 1tai enjoy korechi..etatei satisfied

What else? This one thought is enough to ban all the sadness and depression!!

as I have said in my last post, this year has been full of bad experiences for me,

still it has come to a ROCKKING END!! As we bongs say “chorom hoeche kintu, awesome sala!”


What a pleasure it is, to be able to hear again!!

I had temporarily lost my hearing power in my right ear, due to some sort of infection. It had blocked my ear canal, and was hearing with my left ear only. It does sound like nothing to fuss about, but it was a really sickening experience

For someone with normal hearing , to be impaired in right ear meant that the world had moved to the left. Each and every sound seemed to be originating on my left side. On road I myself was on the left side, yet the vehicles seemed to be honking on my left! So confusing it was… Every now and then I used to look back to ensure that the vehicles are actually on my right side. Watching TV was another problem; eyes said the TV is at my front, ears say it is far to the left. I couldn’t hear what people said and used to shout coz I couldn’t hear myself fully!! The worst part , all of the time I could hear each and every bone moving in my neck, inside my right ear, and it sounded like “KYYAAAAA….YYK” like doors in ghost movies.

Thankfully, today morning the doctor cleaned up the mess inside. Right after he took out the wax, my ear, inside, seemed warm! That sensation ( both nice and strange at the same time), told me that the world has moved back into its place. 🙂