Why I don’t watch TV nowadays

Let’s start with the update. I am still alive (and quite kicking 😛 )  in this horrible IT industry and it is almost a year since I got my job. Ohhhyeaaah!!! May 12th comes up and I will have completed a full year of service with Cognizant. How about that?! Facebook and whatever online stuff I used to do has almost gone extinct from my life. Just today morning a strong thought and a feeling came up and I remembered that I have a blog that is asking for a post 🙂 So, here goes..

I have never been much of a fan of TV or the mass media. Now kinda hate these. I feel like I am being fed with pre-prepared and pre-digested food. I don’t have a choice over what is right and who is right. Everything is meticulously processed, packaged and projected in such a way so as to make me believe whatever I am seeing or hearing from them is the absolute truth. Few examples from movies.

  • Each and every superhero movie has to have a girl who looks beautiful and always falls for the hero.
  • The hero always gets to win and get the girl in the end (as if the girl is an object).
  • Audience’s response to severity of violence has to be measured by who is being hurt, no sympathy at all if it is the anti-lead and eyes full of tears if it is the lead character.
  • If it is the lead role then his/her getting shot in the leg is more painful and emotion squeezing than the dozens of sidekicks who get killed.
  • Audience always has to idolize the lead character no matter if he is preaching good or bad.

Now for some stuff they call the Reality shows, I call them manipulated-reality shows. More than the actual competition the cameras are focused on the emotional exchanges, the crying, the laughing, the quarrels, the swearing and so on, accompanied with matching background music. I know, people like these stuff, and that is the only reason that these sell.

Now for the news. News is selected and projected in a way which is known to excite our emotions.

  • Biggest example; We hate anyone intruding on our privacy, but keep eyes glued to the screen whenever there is any gossip of any scandal or so..
  • Images of people in pain and distress are beamed live for others to consume instead of leaving them alone or helping them.
  • News time slots are decided depending upon the probable public reaction to it rather than importance of the event itself.

Same goes for advertisement industry. Each and every ad is meticulously designed to make you spend more and more for the stuff you don’t need at all. Examples

  • You don’t love your love if you don’t gift your love a teddy of chocolates or some other stuff which is supposed to be a lovely gesture.
  • You don’t have a status in society if you don’t wear Armani or Gucci and so on and you don’t drive an Audi.
  • You have be fair and lovely/handsome to be confident. Definition of handsome is also laid down by advertisers.
  • Now my personal favorite, If you don’t have an iPhone well, you don’t have an iPhone. What the heck is an iPhone? Does it help you sleep well at night?

Are we losing our independence of  thoughts/opinion to others, willingly?

Think upon it..


for those who question my taste in movies..

Friends ask me a lot, why I don’t watch anything other than cartoons and animations, why so? Here is the answer for anybody who cares to read..

I seldom watch any movie other than those made for kids. But when I do, it leaves super-permanent impressions on me. The last one I saw was Autograph and today it was Katakuti. In this movie, I found myself in Rony, an out of place character in this sickly twisted world, where nothing is straight. Being true to the saying “movies are the mirrors of our society”, these movies lay bare the darkest realities of life, and reality is damned confusing..

The more I see these movies the more I am reminded of a line I had read in some Bengali prose. A lady said, ভাষার সৃষ্টি হয়েছে মানুশের মনকে ঢাকা দিতে, Language was created to mask the mind. Truly enough, the more you mask your mind the better a person you are. Being transparent, I am the odd-one-out in this race.

The more I see these movies the more it seems, love is nothing but a device used to get something. Romantic partners love each other just to have a support on as-needed basis and satisfy their own false ego. They don’t love the person, they love to have somebody who is at the beck and call. I don’t know to what extent this is true, but this is my own perception.

The more I see these movies, I become more and more of a pessimist and skeptic. I find it hard to believe others. I find it hard to trust others. I am not that intelligent that I can perceive deception before being fooled.

Lastly what bothers me most is that, I feel the things shown may happen to me. I have already seen a few in my real life, and I have just heard about some others. Then the thought surfaces, it happens to some of my dear ones, then what shall I do? The mere thought chills my blood and Reality really hurts... Being bitten by a snake thrice doesn’t accustom you to the pain. It hurts like it did the first time, just the scream “MOMMYY!!!!!!” turns into a little “Ahh..”. Similarly, watching movie characters in pain doesn’t lessen the pain of watching them unfold in real life.

Animated movies are designed with kids in mind. They amuse us, take our mind off reality bites, and give us a break..  So why bother about extra pain when I can avoid it altogether. Better to laugh all the way to the grave because no one knows when and where the path ends. 🙂

Your thoughts please!

A funny discovery

Having nothing to do I decided to watch “Despicable Me“, starring Steve Carell. Anime movie fans need no introduction to this name, those who need it please click here.

Towards the end, this scene caught my eye. Something unusual.. Must be coz, I have a keen eye for unusual details.

I paused this frame, zoomed in and I found

The Gru-Ray disc

At first glance I mistook Gru-Ray Disc to be the sequel version of Sony’s Blue-Ray Disc. 😛 😛 A few moments later when I realised the fact, I had to have a hearty laugh 😀 😀 😀 These Hollywood guys are creative, no doubt!

Nyway, I bet very few viewers have actually noticed this thing. I am one of them! 🙂