my view on #HappyToBleed

To the people who think Menstruating women are not pure enough to enter temple of God, to them I ask; If you believe it is your sworn duty to protect the holy ground from the shadows of such beings then why stop at the temple gates? Why not go ahead and wipe out the entire female race from the whole universe? After all the whole universe belongs to GOD and such an impurity cannot be allowed to linger around, right? Please go ahead, wipe them out from the face of the earth at least. Then God will shower you with blessings as you watch the human race go extinct.

Finally when human race goes extinct, mother Earth will thank you for sure!

Shame on you people! What is wrong with your head?

Between the two of us, Woman is blessed with the divine power of creating life. Her menstruation is the purest sign of the capability to create another life! She is the one who used her power to create you and she created you with her body. If you really believe in the divine and worship god as your creator? Then what is holier and pious than worshipping the power within her?! If you believe in logic (other than believing that a lifeless stone is holier than a fertile woman) then do think upon what you just read. I believe you will see through your cloud of misunderstanding..


How do they do that?

(In my mind, I often try to put myself in someone else’s  shoes, and try to see through their eyes and think with their minds. I think it helps me understand people and situations better. Here is a gist of one of my observations..)

A girl, grows up in the care of her parents. For at least 18-20 years she grows a sense of belonging to her parents and her birth family . All of a sudden marriage comes along and severs that sense of belonging, she belongs to a new family now. It is expected to be quick as changing the reference of an object variable in java, you just change the reference new Family(); and done. The girl is supposed to manage that transition all by herself. She has insecurities, fears, anxieties etc. Which is obvious coz parents-in-law aren’t birth parents that they would accept you for whatever you are. She is the intern now. Sometimes she fights back to retain herself in the new environs, sometimes she yields to the pressure. To be plucked from a fenced garden into a new place where there is no one to love u unconditionally, moreover being expected to follow thousand of rules, that too taken for granted. Damn bad it is. Lucky are those whose in-laws are as good as their parents back at home.   Slowly she adjusts to the cogs and wheels of the new family. She learns to call the new family her own family. From being an outsider who was supposed to keep quiet and ignored at talks, she gets woven into the fabric of the family. She is the boss now. She has authority and command, she is the home-maker now. She has a few kids with her husband, maybe boys, maybe girls. She loves her kids more than herself. If the kid is a boy she has expects a nice daughter-in-law some day, and when her boy brings a wife home,she bosses over her. The boss now bosses over the intern brought in by her son. I don’t know if she remembers any of her internship years. But if the kid is a girl, she steadies herself to give her away to someone  else, someday. Like any other caring mother, she too expects her girl to get the best in-laws ever.

What intrigues me is that how someone can grow up belonging somewhere, then get replanted somewhere else and become a part of the new place like having been there since ages.. Hindus and others who know the Mahabharat epic, say Lord Krishna endured a lot of pain and hurt when he had to leave all his belongings in Gokul and go to Mathura to meet his birth parents. In my opinion that is repeated each day with every girl, but no one cares none remembers…


PS. Correct me if I am wrong at any point

pondering over Plunging necklines and Waist-high slits

Aaahh.. the world of film stars and celebs. Norms and rules don’t apply there. No, I am not talking about laws. I am talking about something else. Read on..

plunging neckline

For the average guy, on seeing a girl, eyes go to rest on the *chest*, then travels all over her figure, leaving the brain to fantasize itself. This equation is same for celebs and fans. Word goes like, “Fans like to see, and celebs like to show off”. It is a win-win game. Earlier, just bikini clad poses in films were more than enough to tickle the sensitive organ. But “men are always men“. It is hard to satisfy them. So came, off-screen poses in plunging necklines and waist-high slits, without any underwear and tagged “hot”, “bold” etc. O! I forgot to mention, “Wardrobe Malfunction!” That is another phrase doing its rounds in the media parlance, lobbying for its place in the Oxford dictionary. Impressionable public calls these things “Kewwl” (Cool), although by sense it means the same as its dictionary antonym. 🙂

Assuming you are an average person, if you are videotaped nude or in any suggestive pose and that is posted on the internet, all your friends and acquaintances have seen it. Can u step out in public? You might be thinking, “I would definitely step out of this life before I step out of my room”. But, being a chicken-heart, suicide isn’t my cup of tea. I might try to move to someplace new, where nobody knows me.. (Wow! I made a poem 😀 )

Nowadays, I hear of lot of girls complaining of molestation. Then I think of the celebs. Their clothes, those are always on the verge of falling or being blown off. Why the fuss? I mean, if they can go bare on huge screens before billions of popping eyeballs, why at all take the trouble of wearing such about-to-come-off clothes. One feels like telling “Leave them at home! why not show off your assets like you mean it.”.. Yet, they manage to live comfortably lavish public lives!

Any idea how do they do it?