There are no accidents

and this video is a classic proof of the concept. The speaker Mr. Cristian Sarkar is talking about how very distant, seemingly unrelated incidents were unfolding in the far corners of the world, how they focussed on the same goal and ultimately converged at a point. How a solitary thought snowballed into a huge movement concerning a very fundamental need of 90% of the human race. The goal was to design/create a house with $300 budget for the poor. A home which won’t be just another hut of mud, but a place having minimum requirements for a family to live, e.x.a sturdy roof, a solar power supply, water purification system etc. As we know, the poor are always busy gathering means of living, so they are never free to think of anything better like education or gathering useful skills. This concept house if possible would lighten their load to a lot extent.

Mr. Cristian talks about how so many people became part of this whole movement. In today’s world where we don’t trust our next of kin, he and his peers trusted each other without knowing anything about each other. His design competition attracted attention from the whole wide world and many like-minded people joined in, some of them were actually doing these so had hands-on experience and so on.. It is a really inspiring lecture. He finally concludes advising us to spare our time for others without a profit motive. This video is one among a series of many by such eminent inspiring personalities from the TEDxGateway Mumbai last year. Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.