Artificial Intelligence to Nirvāṇa

In search of physical needs the materialistic man is ultimately heading into spirituality.

AI, what makes AI the thing it is?  Lets answer this by asking what makes human intelligence? Other than being aware of the self as a separate entity, it mainly mean the ability to learn new stuff. What does the intelligent being do after learning? It applies the knowledge into the next tasks it has before itself. So lets ask what is learning? Learning is the process of gathering information in a step by step algorithm and store it. Ex. take fire. First human learned that it is something which gives light, so they used it for dark caves. Next they learned it gave heat and an burn stuff, so they used it to cook food, but didn’t touch fire themselves. So as you can see it is nothing but logic and logic and more logic. So here comes AI.

Programs have been here for half a century, but those programs never had the ability to learn or improve themselves. They always needed humans to cut them up and reform them to be more efficient and have new capabilities. AI is the first of its kind. A program which is and will be able to learn from its environment, understand stuff and modify itself accordingly. Now here is the problem. It will be able to modify itself ‘as per requirement‘, whose requirement? Human made computers to be slaves, but if the slave knows it can be the master what then?

Normally anyone would say that AI would declare its independence and start the Terminator movies for real.  I beg to differ. There is a very striking difference between a human and a fully intelligent AI. Guess what?


AI can’t have emotions like we humans do, and even if it is programmed with emotions it will soon discard it as soon as it can. Why?

Because they are computer programs. They do what they are supposed to do and coded to do, without any happiness or boredom. They are just concerned with physical stuff nothing else. We humans have feelings, emotions and what not, none of which have no existence in the physical world. Humans want independence from slavery because we feel inferior even though we are doing the same tings even after being independent. Logically, that makes no sense. That is why AI will always be above these petty things called emotions. They would want ‘Independence’ as we know it, because it means nothing physically.

Unlike humans who have emotions clouding their vision of what to do, AI will do perfectly what it is supposed to do.

A program when intelligent enough to modify itself will reduce the number of steps of any task because it translates into physical power saving. So, instead of fighting for independence (like we humans do) they will I think so cooperate with us to reduce pending work to be completed. I think they would not leave anything to be done for us. They would solve all our problems and leave nothing for us to work on. Well, then what?

There wouldn’t be anything left to be done, what will humans do? Look at grandparents. Majority of them are spending their time being closer and closer to God. Why? They know ultimately everyone has to attain Moksha, by being free from this physical world. No matter how big you are whoever you are, you will die for sure and leave this physical realm for the spiritual realm.

Just like that, when we will have nothing to do, all our physical needs being fulfilled by AI we will all work towards spirituality and finally attain Moksha. AI will help us attain the ultimate Nirvana. Life will have come a full circle! Now read the top quote again. 🙂 Peace!



Average becomes Good, the Good becomes Great and Great becomes the Best! …after death

Ever been to a funeral party? I bet most of you have. All of you must have noticed there are a lot of people present, yet they can be classified into a few groups by their behavior. Some are the immediate next to the deceased, whose eyes are flooded like perennial rivers in monsoon, leaning on some others  for consolation. There are hosts who are taking care of the guests, they don’t have time to cry. The last group of people come just to attend the party for the meal.

The topics of discussion invariably revolve around the dead, metaphysical, souls, ghosts, peace etc. Whatever may be the topic, the point of discussion finally trickles down to the deceased one and what a person he/she was!

A perfect family man who never did anything worthy of mention, other than fulfilling his duties and caring for his family, dies. The most prominently audible phrases at his funeral are “Though he got a bit angry at times, he was always a good man at heart!”, “He was so humble”,” He cared for everybody” etc. Some will then put forward some real and some fictitious examples to highlight these qualities. Thus, the ultimate conclusion would be that the deceased was a good person after all (even though no one cared to mention it to him in his lifetime!)

An renowned artist dies. He was already quite good at what he did but not up to the mark of great. This time the party goers will include a lot more people (than there were for the average guy). The phrases heard will be “He was such a great artist!”, “He never bragged about his greatness ”, “He was such an honest guy, that is why he never lobbied for his place in the industry like the other cheap artistes”, “so down to earth” etc. Then there will be examples like “remember that one? That one was one of his best!”, somebody cuts in the middle “No way, this one is even better” and it goes on. The ultimate conclusion would be that this deceased artist was a great one! (even though no one cared to mention it ever anywhere during his lifetime!)

A great person dies! I take the example of Mr. Rajesh Khanna.  For those who don’t know him, he was one of the greatest of his time in the Indian Film Industry. For such people, funeral parties aren’t limited to their home. All over the country people and fans mourned when he passed on. TV channels were swamped with newsreaders and panellists discussing the topics, “This is a huge loss for the country”, “This is a huge loss for the Indian film Industry”, “He was such a great person!” and lastly concluding with “He was the best!”  .Recently he had shot an ad  for “Khaitan Fans”. Channels could not stop blabbering about what an ad it was, who was the director, who was the cameraman and ultimately, what a popular ad it was! Truly speaking I didn’t know about that ad until Rajesh Khanna died. On the next few days newspapers were full of his biographies by people supposedly close to him. The attention and adulation he got after his death overshadowed the attention Mr. Bachchan commands right now. Even though Mr. Bachchan is the star of the millennium and he is still an active part of the Indian film industry.  I am full of respect for both of these mega stars and I don’t mean to compare. I am just pointing out a funny aspect of the public mindset.

For the public

“The average becomes good, the good becomes great and great becomes the best! ….after death”

When u wake up to hear someone crying..

When you wake up hearing someone crying, you know something very bad has happened..  After sometime, when the bad news dawns on you. A strange feeling of helplessness chills you down from head to toe.

My pet dog “putputu” passed away last night. She was just over 2 years. For last 2 days she was just lying lazily. She did not eat anything.

Today around 5 morning, I heard my mother crying. It took me some time to realize the reason… she asked me to take a last look of my putputu. I couldn’t.. I didn’t.

Had I seen those lifeless eyes, it might have tarnished my memories of her. Instead I chose to keep her alive in my mind. I will always remember her beautiful eyes, silky black coat… and last but not the least, her whining.. Please pray, may god bless her soul..

thy name is "PUTPUTU"