if Necessity is really the mother of Invention..

then This should be the next big innovation!

plug and play liver

PS: This is a kind of  a follow-up to my previous post A funny way of telling “You were being poisoned”


How does Modern Healthcare touch lives..

Indibloggers.in is staging a blogging competition along with Apollo Hospitals. the topic is “how Modern day health care is touching our lives” and here is my submission.

There was a time when we were a part of nature. We didn’t have any specific knowledge of health or what it meant, because we were no different than all other animals. We ate, lived in and were cared for by nature herself. Slowly with the invention of the fire, the wheel human beings became a big force to reckon with. We came out of the care of Mother Nature and started carving a niche for ourselves and went on expanding our knowledge and understanding. As our total knowledge expanded beyond the capacity of any single person, we began specialising. We assigned ourselves different and specific branches of knowledge and went out on our different ways. Each one of us became an expert in something. But by now we had already moved far away from the care of Mother Nature. We started falling sick and dying and that was going to have a real negative impact unless cured. So a specific branch called medical sciences (different cultures had different names for them like Ayurveda, Unani etc) was allotted to a specific group, who got the duty of healing the sick. With time our ways of life kept changing. As our knowledge expanded further we focussed on more specifications and the knowledge to keep ourselves fit n fine was lost like different pieces of a puzzle. We began falling prey to diseases, plagues and epidemics. Vast sections of the human population died. We were helpless. We were groping in the dark searching for cures but could not find any.

Here, modern medicine came to our rescue. It started its research from scratch and catalogued its findings. Slowly we began understanding our own anatomy, what lies within, how it works and all! Joseph Lister started it all with the discovery of the vaccine. Louis Pasteur, father of modern medicine discovered bacteria and told us how we could prevent diseases. Anaesthesia paved the way for painless surgeries. Since then medical sciences has been on a roll! Deeper research of medical sciences was promoted by the discovery of the compound microscope and the electron microscope. Fibre optic technology helped us in micro- surgery. Radiology helped us cure tumours and cancers and today we have organ transplants! Curing cataract is now a single day procedure. Pacemakers have given new lease of life to millions. Artificial insulin is helping sugar patients comfortably continue with their own lifestyles. Blood pressure and asthma aren’t lifestyle-dampers either thanks to modern medicines.  Even a few years back, cancer was totally incurable. But today early detection can completely cure cancer. Today HIV +ve people can lead normal lives and have normal HIV -ve kids. Most important of all, average life expectancy has increased. Mind it, I just gave a narrow coverage of a huuuuge topic , There is much, much more to talk about!

Even after so many advances and discoveries, modern medical research is yet to reach the pinnacle.  There are still many areas unexplored and unknown. But our brilliant scientists with their untiring efforts are working day-n-nite, determined to discover them all! Hats off to them!!

Possibly the most important lesson of my life ever..

Just finished downloading and watching the movie The Truman show starring one of my favourite actors Jim Carrey.. Those who know me personally might be a bit surprised to know that I took the time to download and watch something which is not at all an animated one. Even I myself don’t know what got into me. Maybe God had decided to teach me the most important lesson of my life.. I recommend you watch it too if you haven’t already.

Throughout the movie I felt pity for the Truman Burbank character. I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a story born from a fertile imagination; otherwise I could not have watched it till the end. Also usually I am able to relate myself to most the characters portrayed by Jim Carrey (to some extent at least). This one was different. I didn’t find any such relation, just watched it passively. The movie finished, 10 min afterwards it hit me!!

This whole movie was an absolute parallel to my life! I was living a real-life Truman show. According to the story Truman was bound in the world created for him since birth. As a result, it was his comfort zone and he never thought to break out of the artificial world, so he never knew anything about what was beyond what he knew. He never got the whiff that he was being monstrously deceived. He was always limited by his fears of the sea and air travel. Parallel to that, I live inside a world of my own fears, which have made my life limited to the same old routine like Truman’s. But eventually Truman starts realising the truth of deception and starts seeing through the masks. Finally he musters courage to overcome his child-hood fear of water, braves the artificial storm across the artificial sea and escapes from the artificial island of Seahaven.

So I realised that my comfort zone is actually the cage created by my own fears and mental blocks. I killed all my chances to escape the cage by the I possibly can’t attitude. I have let most opportunities pass by thinking “This isn’t possible for me”. Mostly I am shy to go somewhere or  do something alone, all by myself, thinking “What will others think”. But no more!

Even till yesterday I used to be shy of writing blog posts in front of somebody else for no concrete reason at all. But right now my dad is sitting beside me. He asked me what was i doing which I answered quite plainly (pretty big feat for me, ‘coz he intimidates me) Even while writing the last post I was thinking “Would my readers like this post”. This was the thought at back of my mind, but not today. Today I am writing this to keep reminding myself that there is a lot to be done. It takes just one thought  to overcome the fears I have. I am not afraid of anything anymore. From the next month I am gonna go to learn swimming alone. I don’t care if I have any friend to accompany me, I am tired of asking for company. I am gonna face the exams I have always dreaded. “If I shall succeed” will be answered when I get the results. But now I have just got to do, because “I can only if, and only when I want”. Everything else will take care of itself.

At the Door of this artificial world (courtesy :Taxidrivers.it)

A funny way of telling “You were being poisoned”

Or maybe “are being“, who knows for certain?

I like noodles not because they are tasty but those are the only things I know how to cook 😉 .

Funny thing is that each time I prepare the same thing, it tastes  a little different. Sometimes a little soupy (or runny you might say), sometimes so dry that by the time it cools down the whole cooked mass takes the shape of a solid cake again.I am a bit clumsy. So each time I cook I read the instructions minutely before doing it (though there are only 6 or 7 lines).

Pack of lies!
Pack of lies!

One day while reading the pack, I noticed a line “NO ADDED MSG” in the ingredients. I thought “What the hell? Was this an ingredient of the Masala pack that comes with it?”. I prepared the noodles, the taste wasn’t any different. On Google-ing I found that MSG (called Mono Sodium Glutamate) is a common additive of noodles, also very obviously bad for health. Since then I started noticing such lines on all other products. Nowadays, all brands of potato chips packets have “No Trans-fats” line. Oil packets have “no unsaturated fatty acids” line, fruit juices have “no added preservatives” etc. The height happened when I saw an ad of a specific brand of paan-masala in which a lady was saying “Does not contain any tobacco!”. I was dumb-founded!

What the hell is going on? These announcements that their brand of products doesn’t have this and that, are no more than advertising gimmicks. Some are carefully crafted, and some are paper-thin. Ex. “No added preservatives” on fruit juice packs, that’s a see-through lie. If the “No trans-fat” was true then potato chips would have been ticked off the junk food list long ago. So, I think is useless to believe them, ‘coz we can’t tell by taste or by smell if those “no added” additives are still been added. Still on the slight chance that we do believe, it would mean that we have been consuming this poisonous stuff before for a pretty long time!

If we have been poisoned already, then what’s the use of having ambrosia other than to prolong our pain in death?

P.S. : the point of view of the lay-est layman

Q: Who invented Romance?

A:  Romans, who else?!!

‘Coz they were the first ever
authentic Romantic people
living on the face of earth!!  😀 😀

Mountain Dew punch!

Mountain Dew (India) uses the campaign line “Darr K Age Jeet Hai“, which means “Success lies beyond your fears“. In the ads they show people doing things (which they are usually scared of) after a drink of Mountain Dew. I just took it a little further,

and here is my punch on Mountain Dew!

Click on the pic to get a better view! (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

That's the way to DEW!!
That’s the way to DEW!!

I hope you like it. 😀

If you care for more, here is the story behind this poster. Yesterday in the evening there was a sudden storm. As I ran out to collect the clothes hanging outside right there was a huge crash of lightning and thunder nearby. I almost fell down scared. So, I thought I should have had a can of Mountain Dew before doing this and had my Light-Bulb moment! It took me around two hours to put this together.