(a guest post by my college friend Sudipta Maji (méjo) summing up his experiences of this year, definitely worth a read! Usually someone who has been through so much in a little time is usually expected to be changed from head to toe, but not this guy. He has literally filtered all the good stuff from all the situations he has been through and yet has retained himself as the Méjo we always knew. He is  a real gem of a guy, one in millions!  I am proud to have him as my friend.  Here goes…)


1. I got someone as my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Thank you Susanta Da.
2. I got some friends I will never forget. Thank you Prashant, Sandhya, Somya, Nandu.
3. I got someone as my Idol. Respect to Sri Guru Sir.
4. I got the respect as SIR from around 400 students.


1. 14/01/2013 – I missed Makar Sankranti at Suruliar Ghat.
2. 27/01/2013 – I missed Ramharipur RKM Utsav.
3. 10/02/2013 – I missed GATE Exam.
4. 15/02/2013 – I missed Saraswati Puja.
5. 27/03/2013 – I missed Beliatore Mela.
6. 31/03/2013 – I missed WB Primary TET Exam.
7. 15/04/2013 – I missed ‘Mayer Hater Machh-Bhat’ in Subho Nababarsha.
8. 20/05/2013 – I missed Nutangram Mela(24 Prahar).
9. 23/05/2013 – I missed Nirisha Shiver Gajon.
10. 12/07/2013 – I missed Beliatore Gajon.
11. 17/09/2013 – I missed Viswakarma Puja and Mansa Puja.
12. 11/10/2013 – I missed Durga Puja.
13. 18/10/2013 – I missed Laxmi Puja.
14. 25/12/2013 – I missed Picnic.
15. I am missing my favourite serial CID since 1 year.


1. 02/01/2013 – I have started my journey to Bangalore in search of a new life.
2. 18/01/2013 – I have started my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
3. 26/03/2013 – I have played HOLI in a different place with different persons after a few years.
4. 04/05/2013 – The worst deed in my life I have done.
5. 05/05/2013 – I got hurt most in my life.
6. 10/06/2013 – I got hurt for second time and I realized that he has no fear of losing anything who has nothing.
7. 25/07/2013 – I have completed my course in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
8. 10/08/2013 – I have started my work in VECTOR INSTITUTE.
9. 26/10/2013 – I have experienced 60 hours train journey (26.10.2013 6 AM to 28.10.2013 6 PM).
10. 02/11/2013 – I have completed 5,000 hours Internet Browsing through my phone since 2010.


1. I have learnt to speak English and Hindi fluently after coming here.
2. I have learnt to speak with each and every person whoever he/she is.
3. I have learnt to speak with girls without any hesitation.
4. I have learnt to take a bath in early morning.
5. I have learnt to take challenge in my own interest.
6. I realized that a girl may be a friend without being a girlfriend.
7. I realized that sometimes telling a lie is more important than a truth.
8. I realized why people forget to eat, drink and sleep for someone.
9. I realized that feelings can’t be explained in words, it can only be felt.
10. I realized that my feelings change from person to person with time.
11. I realized that the happiness present in a true statement is not present in a lie.
12. I understood that Sunday is also a working day for us (LC).
13. I have made Sambar, Rasam, Idly, Dosa as my life partner.
14. I have made my habit to spend more than 12 hours in a day in front of computer.
15. I have made my habit to appear in exams any time even without preparations.


1. Till now I am unplaced, don’t know will I get a job or not.
2. Till now I am single and waiting for someone special.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned informations are correct as per my knowledge. And I also declare that this post is nothing but my realizations and I don’t want to hurt anyone by my post. If I have hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly I am sorry for that from the core of my heart.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudipta Maji

P.S. This guy’s date memory is another marvel! By dates I  mean calendar dates 😉 . He remembers each and every date alongwith time to the last second for each event! Let it be our birthdays, or exams or just any petty argument or any party whatever! He remembers each one like a computer or maybe a diary.

a letter to my younger self

This idea isn’t my original. I have been inspired by many awesome posts with this title, so here is one of mine. One of mine in the sense that I would like to write many letters to all my junior selves from all the years, coz no two of them were the same. Here is my letter to my self 3 years back. When I was in 2nd year in college..


Hi dear!

I know u are doing fine, not absolutely great but fine! I hope you are starting to get out of your shell, ragging period is over man! You didn’t attend fresher’s and you missed a hell lot of fun there. Well I am not gonna tell you all about your college and sound repetitive. I am gonna tell you about what you are gonna become (like an astrologer huhahaha! 😀 😛 ).

Kid, no sorry. You are an adult now. Still my junior, so I think may call you kid. You were a kid, you are a kid, and you always will be a kid. (I am not talking about your looks. I am not talking about you with your old man type glasses, untidy beard or the mustache. With that look you do look a few years older, but don’t worry you will have your specs frames changed by the next year.) In your mind, you are still a kid. You enjoy cartoons. You do try to cook up a joke every now and then. 😀 Your attention wanders off all the time, except when working with computers. You just can’t take life seriously. You look all around you; there are all kinds of people around. Friends and others seriously planning their lives and careers like they are on a military mission, intrigues you. You feel like it would have been better to be like them. You see people of your age, you try to emulate them. You try all your might to make yourself feel like a mature adult! But all you manage to do is silence your joke factory for a while and so.

Now you feel like these are the worst qualities a guy can have. But believe me, these are the best things you could ever have! As life progresses you will be witness to a lot of scenes and situations where this being a kid at heart will help you most. You will receive many terrible shocks and back-stabs from people you always thought were your closest, which will teach you some awesome lifelong lessons. Trim your habit of being friendly from the first talk. Hold yourself to your self. Pretty soon you will have some long distance trips with your friends, they will be… I won’t spoil the fun. Pretty soon you will come across a situation which will teach you to be careful online. You will pick up the habit of clicking your friends’ pictures without telling them. Yeah you guessed it right! You are gonna have a cellphone, then a laptop too! A laptop who will be like a sick kid. You will have to take him to the service center many times. Your software exploration will make you lose all your data on your laptop, but in return you will have learnt a new scripting language! Awesome isn’t it? but yeah, you will lose your dear photos. You won’t have a girlfriend :p , but a few crushes. Observation of couples all around you will make you a sort of all-knowing-GURU. Within another year you will have a firsthand experience of flirting, which might leave you shattered for a couple of weeks. But like I told you before, you just can’t take life seriously, so it would wear off soon. Although you are easily swayed by powerful speeches, quotes and words everywhere, you will learn to see things for what they really are. I might say you will be one among the very few blessed with X-ray vision. Your diplomacy and tact will be refined with each passing day and they will prove very helpful in future. Your philosopher streak will stay with you all the time and it will help you gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of life and love each day.  B-)

You will be rejected in all your campus interviews and off-campus drives. Don’t be sad for them. They will turn out to be some of the best turning points of your life. You will start preparing for government jobs. Here you might think that your dreams of being software engineer will be shattered, but you are wrong! Your friends might learn the stuff at company trainings and you would be learning them at NIIT! Believe me, this will be far faaar better than to learn in company training environments. Tanvir, Indrajit and Sneha (also from your class, and your future buddies) will tell you that it is a very harsh environment in the companies. Instead of that, you will be learning Java and Oracle at your own pace. Lovely it will be! 😀 Also you will learn playing the guitar, though I don’t know how far you will be able to go with it but you will enjoy it for sure. You will be impatient like always.  At times you might even feel like giving it up, but you will pick up the rhythms pretty quick!

Eventually you will learn to care less and less about results but more and more about the present moment..

Lastly, mom and dad will be like they always were. Dad will get more impatient with age, but mom will be as lovely and lively as always! Kid, love yourself, your family, your dear ones and try to live in each moment. 🙂

your older self

The most prominent scar, college life left on me..

These last 4 years left some permanent marks on me. Some emotional burns, cuts, bruises, and wounds left their permanent scars, which have shaped me into my present self.  The most prominent one which  actually made me write this post is that, I am a lot cooler than I used to be. I don’t mean handsome kind of cool, but cooler by state of mind. I shall explain with an example. Read on..

Just take the situation yesterday. I and Avinandan had gone to Kolkata for an informal job interview (we had a reference). By the time we were done with the interview and lunch, it was quite late. We were gonna miss the last buses back home. We hurried to Karunamayee. Bad luck, we didn’t get a ticket for the last bus which was leaving right then. Given the time available we couldn’t have opted for the train. So, we thought of going to Esplanade, hoping to get a ticket on another bus to Durgapur. We had no idea if we had already missed the last bus but we were hoping to be there in time. Owing to traffic jam on the way, our bus took around 1 hour for a route of 30 minutes. Luckily, we were there in time. Buying the tickets, we took our places on the bus, informed the ones concerned and everybody heaved a sigh of relief.. Avinandan asked me if I was tensed about missing the last bus and being stranded in Kolkata for a whole night. I said “Nope, I am much cooler now, thanks to you and my college mates…”.It made me reflect on what would have happened if my 18 year self had been through this.

First of all, hearing he had already missed the last bus at Karunamayee, he would have been half blinded by fear. He would have felt hugely nauseated and a migraine would have set in for sure. Each and every second on the bus to Esplanade would have been a huge torture for him. He might have cried out or fainted in the heat of summer. In the mean time he might have lost his mobile phone, bumped into a dozen people already destroying his specs and so on.. Cumulative anger and frustration would have made him half dead by the time he would have reached Esplanade.

Amongst all the different character traits that I have gained through my 4 years of college, this one is the most prominent. Knowing, believing and feeling are 3 different things.. There was a time when everybody used to say to me “don’t panic, everything will be alright”. Slowly I began to believe, but I never got the hang of “everything will be alright”, because I never saw beyond my immediate neighborhood. College life forced me to take a broader perspective and that changed me for good! Now I feel “whatever happens is always the best that can happen, my duty is just to hang on tight and enjoy the ride”. Whatever situation I might face, ultimately I am going to be alive, which implies either I will be successful or I will be defeated and embarrassed. In case none of these happen, it will be much simpler! I would be dead and be spared the trouble of facing others with the embarrassed look!

Thank you my friends! Thanx a lot..