life at the end of two years in college………..

Finally exams r over. 2 eventful years of a four year journey comes to an end.

Looking back, it seems like day before yesterday I was in 1st year. I can exactly remember those “blue terror” days (we first-years used to run away from seniors dressed in their “BLUE” uniform),the unnoticed way of making new friends, making silly mistakes like ever before and learning how to laugh at myself, teasing friends and enemies, watching hearts join and break all around me…. and the biggest part of it…that is enjoying all of this. Fast life of college had made cobwebs arond me. I never had the time to look back.

But today without anything to do (till going to bangalore for training), I decided to venture into dark corridors of my mind with a flashlight.

It seems impossible to see anything beyond those cobwebs. But it has got its own worth.

For the  first time in these two years i am feeling emotional like never before. Almost want to cry out my hearts content.Now that we r called grown ups. Our well developed EGO wont let us cry in public….

thanks reader, u have allowed me enough…..


uffffffffff…….. chaap ketechhe

today was d first exam of my 4th semester. ANALOG ELECTRONICS was the subject for today. Till yesterday, i was advising others to b cool n CHAAPLESS. but today morning the renowned heatsink of my head blew off. my brain went into thermal runaway, and i shot out of balance. I didnt know what was happening but whatever it was it was dangerously wrong.It is this sort of occasions when I do something nonsense and regret about it later. Anyway, my best support, my mother, she gave me some cool talking and for some time my brain had returned back on track. Still i was imagining how would the exam unfold, all sorts of nightmares were occurring to me in broad daylight. Somehow i put myself together and headed off for the exam. Before going to exams some of my friends sent me good wishes, and I was wishing hard for those wishes to come true………………….

they really turned out to b true……believe it or not, for the first time there had been a fastest execution of my wish.god had somehow managed to hear my prayers. instead of submitting a blank paper I had answered 55 out of 70. That was much more than I had expected, to b precise “too” much more than expected. Right now I am feeling so happy that I can’t decide what to do.Till now i have been only thanking those who sent me those best wishes before the exams…..

thank u too reader……….

CUTEsome THREEsome

On a fine evening I and my friend Tanvir were returning back from college.luckily I had taken the cycle to college that day otherwise i would have taken the bus and missed this .We were walking down to hudco more when i spotted this scene.

Momma taking rest and the cute puppies feeding themselves……..

what do you think? please comment….

my first brush with wildlife photography

on a fine winter morning, I was fiddling with my mobile. I was enjoying the warm sun on my back. this dragonfly was romping on the grass around. I had a sudden urge to click this little being on my mobile cam. it was almost next to impossible, coz my cam is a VGA one and doesn’t support zoom. I waited or ten minutes absolutely still as a statue

the beauty sat on a plank of wood.I waited for it to settle down, lower is wings and started moving slooooowwwwwwwwwllllly.

Luckily I had enough time to point my camera and took the shot..blive it or not? I took the shot at a distance of just 5 cm from the little fella. Just as I had finished the perfect shot and was getting ready for another……… gently flew away

I felt like on the top of the world for having shot my first pic of wildlife and that too at a mere distance of 5 cm from the subject. maybe i am exaggerating, but it is true that this small beauty had left me hungry for more………….till today I have shot many more pictures of animal around me. u shall read about them in upcoming posts

thank u very much

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Hello world!

(this is my first post, so dont mind if i go wrong in any place)

since the first year ragging days, i used to b fascinated by the idea of a blog.but never did situation turn out in my favour and my blog was just an idea. then when circumstances turned out in my favour i went for a look at my buddies’ blogs. there i got a lot of idea of how to do it.they have made it so beautiful and mindblowing, i couldnt just remove my eyes….u too should take a look at them ,…(wait, i will add more later on)

thanks a lot to all of them.