Being more logical than sentimental, I have the uncommon habit of deleting all SMS-es at once. I never save any, don’t care for their emotional value. But lately things have been a bit off schedule and my mailboxes have been piling up. This morning I had a change of mind. I decided to read the old messages from my mobile Inbox and Outbox.  There are around 800 in all right now and all have their own stories worth telling.

There are many “best of luck”s, a few “congrats”es and some “sorry”-s. Apart from these there are the regular “Goodmorning”s, “Goodnight”s, “whatsup buddy?”s etc. Leaving which few are a bit different. Some of these SMS-es remind me of times when someone was in distress and asked for help. Sometimes just simple listening did wonders. Sometimes I had traffic jams in my head, I was terribly sad and wanted to talk my heart out to somebody. Some reflect my subtle diplomacy, some reflect my irrationally emotional moments and so on..

Then I came to the drafts. This is the most interesting of places. Some messages written in full, some left halfway and some just having a few lines or letters. Some written for apologizing, only to find that I had been forgiven already!! Some “sorry”s unsent coz I was too angry to admit my fault and was determined to defend my stand. Some “goodnight”s  left behind coz I slept off before they could be sent.. Some of my freshly baked jokes rotting coz just before being sent, an incoming SMS told me he/she isn’t in the mood for a joke. Some SMS-es written to inform some friends of some good news, only to find that they already know about it! Lastly, some written but not sent coz, they were typed when I needed to pretend being busy 😉

Each one of these have amazing stories worth telling. These remind me of some happy moments and some sad ones. The happy ones remind me of times when I would have wanted time to be frozen there, forever. The sad ones remind of some embarrassing moments, when I would have given my anything to someone who could have fast-forwarded me out of those frames. Pretty strange, that a few SMS-es could show me the movie of my own life. Life goes in a sine wave. It goes on through ups and downs, but never stops. Nothing is stagnant in this universe. These old frames of time, someday these will be replaced by newer ones which shall be lost again. After all I need space for new SMS-es.. So, I go back to my old habit and delete these reminders. All-at-once…

12 thoughts on “Of Inbox, Outbox and Drafts

  1. written very well..indeed that y i don’t delete them especially when it is coming frm a special person..bcoz d memory that i am associated with it i tend not to erase them..bdw nice thoughts indeed..

    1. Sometimes we have something to say which we cant talk aloud in front of our parents, not necessarily bad. That is why we are still sticking to texting. It is a fine way of conveying thoughts without rousing much attention 🙂

  2. Really well written. Like how you made the link between SMS messages and memories/adventures/moments! Each one does bring you back to that specific time and place. Unfortunately, I’m one of the ones that keeps all of their messages for as long as I can and I reread them! Perhaps that makes me stuck in the past? Who knows! 🙂

    1. U know, u surprised me with “How you made the link”, coz I cant think of anything else when it comes to old texts and mails in inbox. 🙂
      and all my friends whom I know in real life, have this common habit of storing SMS-es. Yeah, that might make u stuck in the past, but it is your own choice after all. U may just reread them for pleasure, or u may long for those moments to return again. So u see storing them isn’t such a bad thing 🙂 🙂
      Lastly, Thanx a lot for stopping by here!! 😀 😀

  3. I gotta say I have such a hard time deleting “Sms-es”. I have over 200 conversations in my phone- and no I dont know 200 people who I enjoy chatting with. I have been told that it makes my phone to save them all so I have tried to go through and delete them but as i read them I find reasons to keep every single one and thus my SMS hoarding habit continues.

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