As you might know, I have been working as a software professional since May, last year. Life has been different. Like my sister Namrata put it in one of her posts, I too have felt the same thing. Only that unlike her, I never had the courage to shriek or show my emotions in front of all. But I never have time nowadays. It is hugely taxing  to stay at office 12 hours through all week. Till May this year, I was working as developer. Now I am a tester. Nothing has changed much except for that now my weekends are more likely to be free. Weekdays are same as before…

I often gain my insights from the unlikeliest of places, and so it happened again. Being developer and being tester has put me on two totally different sides of life, two opposing perspectives, two sides of the same coin. I will put in my thoughts during these two periods.

As developer: I hate testers. What do they do other than dig up the software for isses and make deuvelopers life hell? We put in long hours creating something. But none of that matters to them, they are always looking for the spot on the face of the moon. They can’t leave us for a moment in peace, not even for meal breaks. All they know is find a defect and escalate and so on.
As tester: What do these developers do? Why can’t they take care of such simple things? At least they have guidelines on what to do. We have to sift through data generated from codes and search for defects. If any one defect  leaks into production our jobs will be on the line next. They say we have tools, but these tools have their own defects too, which we have to manage while testing and so on..

Pause for a while. Try to feel the difference of perspectives.

We human beings have this habit of blaming everything on something else. It is easier as we don’t have to work on our own mistakes and our own faults. Then we don’t have to swallow the terrible truth that our own situation is nothing but sum of our own doings. I will explain with an example. Do we care how we get something when we want something? We just pay for it and expect to get it in full. We walk into a restaurant, get angry and complain if our order isn’t served within our expected time.  Do we care to know why is it late? Never. So if we have practiced this for all of our lives, does it not make sense when we are paid back in the same coin?

Truly said, we reap what we sow. We just don’t want to know..

a penny for your thoughts..

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