To the people who think Menstruating women are not pure enough to enter temple of God, to them I ask; If you believe it is your sworn duty to protect the holy ground from the shadows of such beings then why stop at the temple gates? Why not go ahead and wipe out the entire female race from the whole universe? After all the whole universe belongs to GOD and such an impurity cannot be allowed to linger around, right? Please go ahead, wipe them out from the face of the earth at least. Then God will shower you with blessings as you watch the human race go extinct.

Finally when human race goes extinct, mother Earth will thank you for sure!

Shame on you people! What is wrong with your head?

Between the two of us, Woman is blessed with the divine power of creating life. Her menstruation is the purest sign of the capability to create another life! She is the one who used her power to create you and she created you with her body. If you really believe in the divine and worship god as your creator? Then what is holier and pious than worshipping the power within her?! If you believe in logic (other than believing that a lifeless stone is holier than a fertile woman) then do think upon what you just read. I believe you will see through your cloud of misunderstanding..

a penny for your thoughts..

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