It has been my dream to be able to play a musical instrument since long..  This dream was half inspired my subtle show-off nature and the rest was my inborn knack. My mother says my sense of music and rhythm was pretty strong for a kid who had just learnt to walk. She talks of a particular incident often. She says, once I had gone to a theater with my mother. Most probably a folk play was being staged. I was sitting in her lap watching all and understanding nothing 😉 . There was a song and that turned me on. She says I danced so well to the rhythm of the Tabla that surrounding people were awestruck watching me. That playful happy carefree child is still there yet not visible to anybody. Age-derived maturity has pulled a lot of wraps over him. He is locked behind the bars of my ego and shyness. Does this bother him? Not at all. He is still there dancing and tapping his fingers whenever there is music around. He tries to coax me into joining him, but I can’t. Sadly, I am not one of those handsome guys who look smart no matter what. I am a inside-and-out stupid guy, who loves making others laugh with his stupidity..  True, I can’t dance in public. But nobody can stop me from strumming the strings of an imaginary guitar or drumming away at a tabla or tapping on a table top..

Sorry for diverting off the point. The point is I am finally getting a chance to realize this dream of mine. Most probably tomorrow, I am going to buy a guitar and start taking guitar classes within a week, this has been planned. So near to my destiny, yet something is bothering me. A lingering doubt.. Those who know me in real life have been pestered by my dialogue “I am gonna learn the guitar”, yet I was least sure about it. Now that I have fallen for my own con, I really don’t know if I would love the guitar. I never have handled one. I have just seen my friends strum away at those strings. So, my love for the guitar is mostly due to the glamor associated and its sound. You know, some of my favorite songs are those on a slow guitar ex. “Whiskey lullaby” by Brad Paisley.

I guess I don’t have another choice. I have to stick to this or be branded indecisive and fickle-minded. I am not saying that I will hate it for sure. There is a good probability that I will like it!

This is gonna be an unplanned adventure.  I hope the guitar will be able to interest me.. I will be updating about that for sure. 🙂 Any suggestion? Tips?

7 thoughts on “Undecided about taking the leap..

  1. I think that “unplanned adventure” is the only type, how can you plan an adventure? 🙂 I think your journey will be great no matter what, you may like the guitar, and you may not like it. Either way, you will learn how you feel about playing a real one. If you want to go back to the imaginary one, then you always can!
    My one bit of advice would be that my first and only guitar teacher started me off on a LOT of theory and scales and technical things. It made me lose interest. I do wish that he had had me learn some things that were more “fun” alongside the technical things. The technical things were indeed important- so if your teacher can combine the scales and technique with things that you have a fun time playing, like whiskey lullaby, which can be done with a few simple chords, then you are probably going to be more likely to enjoy it 🙂
    Best of luck!

    1. Pardon my slip of mind.. By “planned adventure” I meant those ones we have experienced before. Like going for a skydiving, rock climbing etc when we already know the basics, then we have a rough idea that this is gonna happen after that and that and so forth.. Thats why mine is gonna be unplanned 🙂

      Good advice though! I too was also thinking on the same lines. Lastly thanx a lot for such a detailed reply!! 😀 😀

  2. I have the same thouhgts for tabla as you have it for guitar..for 1 day i had also learnt tabla..after that i had to leave it..but i would encourage you to go for of luck bro..

  3. Perhaps shelve/ put aside whether you like it or not for 3 months and just tell yourself you’re going to play the guitar for that duration and then after 3 months consider whether you like it or not?

    It’s not necessarily the actual guitar that interests you or not, it’s the music which comes from it — both in terms of your talent and the pieces of music you choose. If you get the basics down you could be opening a wonderful box of musical pleasures!

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